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Moving Day

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Well, our much anticipated moving day is upon us.

Some of you may have missed the news when it happened, and some of you may have forgotten, but we joined forces with the Huffington Post this past July (and answered some common questions about the acquisition here). Sometime later tonight or tomorrow, if all goes well, we will flip a virtual switch and begin "redirecting" traffic from Pollster.com to Pollster's new home on the Huffington Post.

A lot of very talented HuffPost developers have worked very, very hard over the last few weeks to move all of the features, content and data you have come to depend on here at Pollster to HuffPost. Our primary aim during this first wave of our relaunch has been to move everything without "breaking" anything. Thanks to the superhuman efforts of the HuffPost tech team, we think you will be satisified that while the web address will be different, everything you like about Pollster will make the trip with us.

Once we have relocated, we will begin adding some exciting new features that take Pollster.com to the next level, including quite a bit that will debut in the next few weeks. So we hope you come along and stay tuned.

Meanwhile a few more specific notes about the move:

We have managed to move every entry -- every chart, every map, every blog post, every Poll Update -- to Huffington Post. That includes our collection of charts from 2006 (which for a variety of technical reasons, I feared we might not be able to move). Needless to say, we will continue to update all active charts with new data. And your bookmarks to our existing pages should continue to work. We will simply redirect you to the new home for each page.

  • Our classic format poll maps will be active and functioning and will help you scan and navigate to chart pages. These are actually already active on Pollster now for races for Senate and Governor. If you're glad to see them back, don't worry, they will remain in place on HuffPost.

  • Once we move, you will also see that our charts feature prominently in a new HuffPost feature called Dashboard. We think you will find Dashboard engaging and useful -- it will include more than just polling data -- but if you prefer our classic poll maps and charts, again, don't worry, those will be there too and easily accessible via our new Pollster page.

  • While we have made copies of all blog posts, the original reader comments left on those posts will remain in place on their original Pollster.com locations. The HuffPost version of each entry will include a special link to take you back to the comments left on the original Pollster.com version.

  • All of our RSS feeds will continue to operate without interruption. All of our feeds will continue to provide the full post and not excerpts. Author specific feeds will require a different link, although all will be active immediately.

Now all that said, despite the best of intentions and a lot of hard work, a few things -- such as a complete index to archived blog posts -- may not be in place immediately. We will work to move anything left behind over the next week or two and will try to keep you updated on any such issues as they arise.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, problem reports or complaints -- just email me. If we have managed to "break" something you care about, please let me know. I can't promise I'll have time to respond personally to every message, but I'll definitely read them all.

A special note on comments and the Pollster.com commenter community: Admittedly, given Huffington Post's far bigger audience, the posts from me and from other contributors that also appear on HuffPost's front page will draw far more comments than our posts here. And no, we will not be migrating the Typekey user logins to Huffington Post, although you can log in and comment there using an existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or Yahoo account or create an account on HuffPost.

For those concerned about the changes to the comments section, let me highlight two things. First, over the last month, Huffington Post has implemented a new "Community Pundits" feature that, as HuffPost's social news editor Adam Clark Estes explained to WebNewswer earlier this week, aims to highlight the most "insightful, informative, and engaging commentary" on any feature from across the ideological spectrum. Such comments appear in a prominent Community Pundit box that appears at the top of the comments section of each post.

Moreover, those who leave such comments consistently can earn a Community Pundit badge, which comes with privileges: "Besides having their comments highlighted in the Highlights tab and the Community Pundits box," Estes said, "we also allow our Pundits to leave longer comments."

Better yet, Estes and the Social News team have pledged to create a special Community Pundit badge specific to the Pollster section that will identify and highlight comments that are consistently insightful, informative and on topic, which is to say relevant to our focus on political polls and survey research. We have not yet begun working on this feature, so we would welcome your input and suggestions for it.

Now all that said, you should know that some entries -- especially the Outliers feature and the many "Poll Update" entries that Emily posts constantly -- will appear only on the new Pollster page and not elsewhere on Huffington Post. We're hoping that the Pollster corner of HuffPost will attract its own unique community of readers, so we encourage those of you who comment frequently to come along and try it out. We hope that the existing community can move along with the charts and the blog archive.

If you have questions about Huffington Posts comments and moderation policies, please see this FAQ page.


Billy Chunge:

I guess it's just a sign of the times; NYT buying 538, Huffington Post acquiring Pollster. Looks like the small outfits just can't survive on their own anymore. It's too bad because it will not just be the same anymore. I know for a face I can't access Huffington Post from work because of all the sex-related stuff on their site. But thanks to Pollster for providing all the polling information over the years and best of luck.



Adios Mark, Best wishes, I'm banned from huffpost anyway. I think the majority of conservatives here will wind up banned. There are a lot of loose cannon psycho liberal moderators on that site. Say anything against Obama or gay marriage and wind up perma banned. Maybe it's gotten better because I got banned way back in 08, either way it's a pretty trashy place, you deserve better, but still good luck!



Will users be able to log onto pollster through this address as we can with five thirty eight?

And will the standards applied to comments be the same or different than those currently employed here (which is relatively open).



That's too bad. Since I consider Huff-Post to be the equivalent of tabloid journalism, I won't be viewing your content there or commenting.

It also seems unfortunate for a polling aggregate since Huff-Post is rabidly partisan and polls and polling commentors and aggregators would do better to remain neutral.

Oh well Real Clear Politics will have to do.


Gary Kilbride:

Not thrilled. Fewer comments = better comments, IMO. I could be absent for months on this site but return to a manageable comment box with familiar names, the slant instantly recognizable via the name.

I seldom visit Huffington Post even though it's aligned with my politics. My impression is too much of a zoo, like DailyKos or 538. A good litmus test on any site: When someone is yelling, "First!" I don't need to be there. Two hundred comments is the equivalent of zero. The best one often is #186, buried like a Democrat in Utah.

Also, the Community Pundit aspect reads like someone's idea of a poor joke. I post on many sports sites with "Thank you" and reputation features. Invariably the cheerleaders for the cause, and the conventional wisdom types, dominate the high marks. I prefer Olympic sports judged by the clock or measuring tape. Subjectivity bleeps.

When I read that only pundits earn extra space, it indicates to me I won't be wanted, comments the length of this one rejected. Nothing more maddening than typing a post with logical transitions and having it spit out due to time and space constraints, like the editing on Notre Dame's old Sunday highlight show.

Regardless, best of luck to Mark and crew. This site and Mystery Pollster have been a pleasure. I have bookmarks years apart. Not sure I can say that of anywhere else. I'm sure I'll gingerly sample the new venue.

Hope you retain as much of the look and feel as possible.

This joint had a winning record. :)



Farewell, pollster.com. It was nice knowing you, but I will not be making the move to the Huffington Post. It will be a mad-house as far as the comments section will be concerned. I may visit every once in a while, but my days as a contributor to the comments are over. It is truly a shame this is happening.



It's all about money in our rotten capitalist world.



Wow. Sorry. HuffPo is the left-leaning equivalent of HotAir.


Sorry to hear about the downgrade. HuffPo is Rupert Murdoch for lefties. I'm a leftie, but give me a break ...



@Mark: congratulations again and good luck on Huffpo. I will continue to read your work and look forward to the data and dashboard.

But I'm done commenting. There is far far too much mindless crap in the comment sections at Huffpo. There is no discussion.


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