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NY: 2010 Senate, Governor (Siena 8/9-12)

8/9-12/10; 788 registered voters, 3.5% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
(Siena release)

New York

2010 Governor: Republican Primary
43% Lazio, 30% Paladino

2010 Senate: Republican Primary
19% DioGuardi, 8% Blakeman, 5% Malpass

2010 Governor
60% Cuomo (D), 26% Lazio (R) (chart)
60% Cuomo (D), 27% Paladino (R)
56% Cuomo (D), 19% Lazio (R), 12% Paladino (i)
56% Cuomo (D), 16% Lazio (C), 14% Paladino (R)

2010 Senate
55% Gillibrand (D), 28% Blakeman (R) (chart)
54% Gillibrand (D), 29% DioGuardi (R)
55% Gillibrand (D), 27% Malpass (R)

Favorable / Unfavorable
David Paterson: 32 / 60 (chart)
Andrew Cuomo: 61 / 27
Rick Lazio: 32 / 32
Carl Paladino: 22 / 19
Kirsten Gillibrand: 40 / 29 (chart)
Bruce Blakeman: 7 / 10
David Malpass: 6 / 7
Joe DioGuardi: 13 / 12
Michael Bloomberg: 59 / 28

Do you support or oppose the proposal to build the Cordoba House, a 15 story Muslim Cultural Center in lower Manhattan 2 blocks from the site of the World Trade Center?
27% Support, 63% Oppose

Regardless of whether you personally support or oppose the proposal to build the Cordoba House, do you believe the developers of the Cordoba House have a Constitutional right to proceed with the
construction of the mosque and Muslim cultural center or not?

64% Yes, 28% No



27% support the victory mosque. Will their poll numbers drop if they pledge to help Obama build that mosque at ground zero?

Bloomberg's approval dropped from the mid 60's to the mid 40's in just a few weeks because of his support of the terrorism memorial mosque.

Cuomo has come out in favor of the mosque - but he is trying to backpedal and say that he only supports the constitutional right to build it - not whether it should be build where it can offend the most people. The question will be how far he can backpedal. It didn't work for Obama last weekend.

Notice that this poll is 6 days old. That's before Obama's disastrous support for the mosque, reversal of his support, and his reversal of his reversal. Cuomo's support or opposition is back in the spotlight.



I don't care if 27% support the building of a Mosque.
People like you believe that fundamental rights should be put up for majority vote.
Try reading the constitution or are you incapable.
I hate all religions, Muslim, Christian, and Judaism, but I don't care where Churches or Mosques or Synagogues are built because I support freedom.


Bob in SJ:

@ Compcon

Did you read the resutls fo the poll below? 64% believe that they have a right to build, regardless of how then feel about the issue. I think that's probalby the majority position for the country as a whole, if the question were phrased that way.


Field Marshal:

Most people aren't saying they don't have a right. Its not a constitutional issue as much as the libies are trying to make it one- typical strawman response.

The issue is an appropriateness issue and nothing more. Obama blew the issue badly this weekend stating that they had a right to build there. No one was disputing that. So then he came out and said he wouldn't quote on the wisdom of building the mosque there. Of course not.



"...victory mosque","...terrorism memorial mosque", I wonder what your next adjective will be? may I recommend traducing?

"Bloomberg's approval dropped from the mid 60's to the mid 40's in just a few weeks because of his support of the terrorism memorial mosque."

I assume you talking about the Marist poll which put Bloomberg at 49% (Using the excellent/good/fair/poor response with only excellent/good counting as approval) from 56% in April.



I believe they have the legal right to build that mosque right there where they want it. So what? I'm surprised only 64% agree with that. Did they fail high school?

The KKK has a constitutional right to build a temple in downtown Harlem. The Neo-Nazi's have a constitutional right to build a shrine to Hitler across from the Holocaust museum. That group who is organizing bonfires across the country on 09/11/10 to burn Korans has a constitutional right to do just that.

I'll believe that you liberals supporting that hate mosque are doing it on principal when you support the KKK, the Nazis, and the bookburners. If you don't support them - then shut the hell up about principals. No one believes you.



People are supporting it because we have laws. And those laws say you can build anywhere as long as the law says you can. Like we need random sentiment from not even localized politicians trumping land owners rights because some people don't like it. Its just hilarious to see all these conservatives wanting the Government to step in and actually trump their own land use laws and rights. Hypocrisy.


Field Marshal:

I'm not aware of any conservatives stating that they want the government to come in and stop the construction of the mosque. I'm sure there was one or two that said something of the sort that is possibly being misconstrued and you are using that as a benchmark for "all these conservatives". But 99% of conservatives are not. Again, its not rights, or a constitutional issue, its a common sense, sensitivity issue.



Are you equating peaceful moderate Muslims to Nazis and KKK? The people proposing the community center have no link to terrorism. The proposed community center is 2 blocks and around the corner from ground zero. The community center would not even be visible from ground zero.



I love Gillibrand. She is my favorite woman in politics today. We need you to save this country from Tyranny. If the Democrats lose the senate, we need fighters who will show what kind of idiots the GOP are, and to unite people and bring people back to their senses. The past year, a majority of Americans have turned away from reason and hope and back to fear and we need to turn back to hope.



I fear most Conservatives far more than I fear anyone from South Asian/Middle Eastern or any kind of Islamic heritage



I guess If Dems lose the senate, I'll feel somewhat hopeful to see Cuomo and Gillibrand winning in NY, and hopefully a Democratic Governor in VT, and re-electing Deval Patrick in Mass. These are the three states I have lived and do business in or work in. They have the most impact on me personally.



What if the WTC had been blown up by the Irish Republican Army instead of al-Qaeda? Would a majority oppose the construction of a Catholic church at Ground Zero? Probably not, because Catholics are so well known in USA that people know not to equate all Catholics with terrorism. If we knew Muslims better, we'd know--as our last prez, George Walker Bush, did--that most Muslims--in USA and the world--are peaceful, and al-Qaeda (much like the IRA in the past) has hijacked a noble faith (derived from Christianity and Judiasm much as Judiasm is derived from Christianity) for its sinister purposes. I'd advise all the national Republicans who are trying to make a big deal out of a local NYC issue to follow the lead of their former prez. If anything, the building (which is not technically a mosque) would be an opportunity for NYC Muslims to show that they stand with the American people and the victims of 9/11--some of whom were probably Muslim too--and not with al-Qaeda. WE ARE AT WAR WITH AL-QAEDA, NOT ISLAM.



The Muslims behind the Cordoba house are pacifists and big on interfaith cooperation according to their own website. They would be the first ones the terrorists would want to kill. Traitors to Islam, in their opinion. Worse than infidels because they know "the truth" but have rejected it.

Imam Rauf was one of the people who advised Karen Hughes on interfaith communication during the Bush administration.

This is about anti-Muslim sentiment, period. These muslims were not the ones who attacked us and have repeatedly denounced terrorist acts. This particular group preaches non-violence.

The arguments I hear are just ridiculous too. "How would you feel about a Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor? etc..." For one, unless it was the former Emperor of Japan initiating it then it wouldn't be analagous, since the modern Japanese government was not the one that attacked Pearl. Besides, Japanese culture is already highly infused with ours. In the 1940s-50s they did not sell sushi at the grocery store. The idea of that would have made Americans back then sick. Now sushi is overwhelmingly popular and americanized.

Eventually this will blow over when people accept that there are Muslims in America and they want to build worship centers on commercial property that it completely within their rights.

It's not the ground zero mosque, it's the Burlington Coat Factory mosque. The Freedom Tower is on Ground Zero. Don't know how a cultural center for liberal muslims diminishes that in any way.

The Mexican consulate in San Antonio is about 5-6 blocks away from the Alamo. The Mexicans slaughtered the Texans/Americans there. Should we tell them to move it further away?



In fact, I'll have to double check, but the Mexican consulate may reside on land that was part of the original Alamo grounds.


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