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On Pizza and Politics

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Politico's Ben Smith forwarded me this email (and the attached graphic) from one of his readers:

I've attached an image from an online poll that is from, of all places, the Domino's Pizza online ordering interface. After you place your order you can track it's progress, but you can also fill out a little political poll as a diversion. Your answers are then added into a national map (pictured) which has the unique crosstab of which sandwich is everyone's favorite. The funny thing is that percentage wise it's not too far off. I guess I should notify pollster.com.

081016 pizza.png

As he did. Obviously, the Domino's "survey" is not projective and intended for entertainment and marketing purposes only, but it certainly shows that Electoral Vote maps are getting pretty ubiquitous these days.

And I should have it, but as I was writing this item -- literally -- an email dropped into my inbox from a public relations firm representing Domino's sharing the latest round of results" from their "Pizza and Politics" poll, "which garnered 82,400 respondents in week two" (I pasted their press release on the jump for your amusement).

7-Election 2008.png

Yesterday, I also got FedEx delivery from the 7Eleven chain with 20 Obama and McCain paper cups, part of the 7Election 2008 promotion. These now adorn Eric's cubicle. Not that we could be bought with the gift of some paper cups, but I'm sure Eric would not complain if Domino's wanted to send over some lunch.

No, we don't take any of this seriously. It just makes us smile. It just means that the election is close and interest in what we do is soaring. As the legendary Jimmy Durante often once said, "everybody wants to get in on the act."

[Typos corrected, including errant reference to "Pizza Hut" -- brand marketing efforts obviously lost on me & thanks to RS]

Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll Week 2: Non-Voters Go Deep and Large

Poll Also Finds Philly Cheese Steak is Most Popular Oven Baked Sandwich Choice

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct 15, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) - Pizza ordering trends between Republicans and Democrats remained virtually unchanged in the second week of Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll, launched Oct. 7 on www.dominos.com . According to the poll's 82,400 respondents who self-identify as Democrat, Republican or Independent:

-- Republicans spend more money per order and use credit cards more than other consumers. They also like specialty pizzas more than most and are most likely to order online. Republicans are also more likely to pick up their pizzas.

-- Democrats are more likely to pay with cash and like more variety with their orders, more often adding side items and beverages when ordering pizza.

-- The biggest change from week one is that non-voters ordered deep dish pizzas and Domino's extra large Brooklyn-style pizza more than voters did. In the first week of the poll, non-voters ordered small pizzas more often than other sizes.

-- Customers who declined to disclose their political affiliation ordered more Thin Crust pizzas than those who actively participated in the poll.

In the second week of Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll, the company has found that 86% of those responding intend to vote on Nov. 4.

If the election was to determine which one of Domino's four new Oven Baked Sandwiches was the most popular, the Philly Cheese Steak would reign supreme. It is the sandwich ordered most often in 36 states, and garners 35% of the vote among customers participating in the poll, followed by:

-- The Chicken Bacon Ranch (ordered most often in 12 states; 30% of the vote);

-- The Italian (18%)

-- The Chicken Parm (17%).

The Chicken Parm oven baked sandwich, though, is the one ordered most often in the state of New Hampshire. The oven baked sandwich vote is too close to call in the states of Tennessee and Vermont.

Domino's Pizza will report the findings of Pizza Tracker Poll every week until Nov. 4.

About Domino's Pizza(R)

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Domino's is listed on the NYSE under the symbol "DPZ." Through its primarily locally-owned and operated franchised system, Domino's operates a network of 8,671 franchised and Company-owned stores in the United States and 60 international markets. The Domino's Pizza(R) brand, named a Megabrand by Advertising Age magazine, had global retail sales of over $5.4 billion in 2007, comprised of $3.2 billion domestically and $2.2 billion internationally. During the second quarter of 2008, the Domino's Pizza(R) brand had global retail sales of $1.3 billion, comprised of approximately $717 million domestically and approximately $589 million internationally. Domino's Pizza was named "Chain of the Year" by Pizza Today magazine, the leading publication of the pizza industry. Customers can place orders online in English and Spanish by visiting www.dominos.com or from a Web-enabled cell phone by visiting mobile.dominos.com . More information on the Company, in English and Spanish, can be found on the Web at www.dominos.com . Domino's Pizza. You Got 30 Minutes(TM).



Obviously Dominos Pizza poll will tilt towards Obama because it will undercount rural voters (store locations) and overcount younger online voters (polling method). I think it also shows which states have universities/colleges with more politically conservative student body. Definitely amusing.



52-34 with 82K + polled in 2 weeks. WOW!!! Not sure if there even is a MOE here, but still WOW!!

Funny thing is makeup is 34R 46D 21I which seems almost accurate. Probably drop 4I and add 4R and it would be very accurate/ except the map seems oddly too blue - TX, KY AZ, TN, IN, ND, and ID - Not very likely.



@hyh: I don't know think there's any reason to automatically suspect that Dominos "will tilt toward Obama," nor that it will necessarily "undercounts rural voters" based on store location. My experience living in rural KY was that Dominos was the only delivery available there, whereas when I have lived in "the big city" (in any state) there have been many competitors, including especially local pizzerias. Given the "latte liberal" type that seems to be a core constituency of Obama support, I would expect the "Dominos Demographic" to skew more Republican than, for example, the North Carolina pizza eaters who order from Amante. I'm guessing there's a local example everywhere, and this is proof that anecdote is not evidence. We just don't know whether Dominos customers, as a whole, trend more red or more blue than the national average.

While it may be the case that the online ordering/polling method skews younger (and therefore toward Obama), there is again insufficient evidence in the data presented to prove this true. Clearly, a national longitudinal study is in order here. :->



Actually.... notice that the party identification numbers are quite close to national averages (both are higher than actual national averages, I believe) and that the numbers for Obama/McCain preference are very, very close to Dem/Rep identification.

So it might not be that skewed after all.



Actually.... notice that the party identification numbers are quite close to national averages (both are higher than actual national averages, I believe) and that the numbers for Obama/McCain preference are very, very close to Dem/Rep identification.

So it might not be that skewed after all.



Domino's, Mark, Domino's :-)

"the Pizza Hut "survey" is not projective"
"Eric would not complain if Pizza Hut wanted to send over some lunch."

Or is that why you don't take the Domino's poll seriously? ;-)



Domino’s Pizza stores are located in cities and suburbs and major towns. All large and medium sized cities from Baltimore, Tulsa, Akron, Scottsdale, Peoria, Topeka to Wace will have multiple locations (5-10 ... NYC has 45!). Many isolated medium and small sized towns will not have Domino’s Pizza. Try finding Domino’s Pizza in a place like Idaho Falls using google maps and zoom out to see all the little towns not represented. Thus densely populated areas will be completely represented by Domino’s while only a few selected towns will be represented.

Bottom line. I’d guess ~95% of Domino’s Pizza stores are in metropolitan areas whereas 20% of US population resides outside metropolitan area.



The poll's not bad (I like that you have to buy something to participate!), but it's not hard to argue that there's a skew.


Gary Kilbride:

Oh bejoinkers, I've got some Republican tendencies: Specialty pizzas and preferring to pick up. I pay cash but that's a Vegas thing.

You would have to post this when I'm trying to abandon a few pounds. :)

Now I'm thumbing a Domino's coupon and very tempted, large 1-item pickup for $6.99. Damn this site.

Here's the scary aspect: No doubt this will be repeated in 2012. Some geniuses will be using the final Domino's data from 2008 and comparing it late in cycle 2012, deciphering where the pizza preference is more revealing than the polling.


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