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Our Comment Bugs and Typekey Sign-in

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We want to update regular readers on two important issues affecting our comments facility.

First, we believe we have, at long last, identified and eliminated the technical glitch that caused long delays and error messages for those posting comments, frequently resulting in inadvertent double and triple posts. As of last night, hopefully, comments post without error messages within 10 to 15 seconds of clicking the "post" button.

I know our various comment bugs have been a source of frustration for just about everyone that has tried to post a comment on Pollster in recent months, and I want to once again apologize for the inconvenience we caused. Hopefully your experience will be far smoother from now on. If not, and in particular if you encounter any error message while commenting, please do not hesitate to email us with full details. We are committed to squashing these bugs once and for all.

Please note that it may take a minute or so for your comment to appear after you post it. To check that your comment has posted successfully, wait a full 60 seconds and click your browsers "refresh" or "reload" button. If you are really impatient, you can also perform a "hard reload" of the page (details here).

Second, now that comments are posting as they are designed to, we want to address another nagging problem resulting from the dramatic increase in traffic over the last few months. On Monday, if all goes well, we will begin requiring a valid Typekey username in order to post on Pollster.com.

Typekey is a free, third-party system that allows you to create a unique username. The registration is fairly painless -- you just need to be a real person (not a SPAM "bot") and leave a working email address with Typekey that can be used to validate your account. However, when you post a comment with a Typekey username, we will not be privy to your personal information, so you can remain completely anonymous.

We are making this change in response to your requests for greater moderation of the increasingly uncivil posts in our comments section in recent weeks. This change will hopefully discourage some of the worst behavior and put us in a position to band the most abusive commenters. It is not a panacea, of course, but it's a start.

If you do not have one already, I recommend that regular commenters go ahead and acquire your desired user name now. Please note that we may hold off on implementing Typekey sign-in if the new procedure creates any new delays or error messages like the ones we just worked to eliminate. We will keep you posted.

Finally, we are committed to maintaining an open comments section that allows for the free and civil exchange of views and dissenting opinion. If you have thoughts about how we might improve the tone of the discussion, please leave a comment below.


John - Spokane, WA:

Do you have some daily polls today ? How often are the PA & NC polls updated on the graphs ?


Mark Lindeman:

Mark, I have an excellent idea: just stop posting political polls!

OK, I guess that's unworkable.

How about a Movable Type add-in that automatically disemvowels any comment containing the words "Billary," "Obambi," or "Gobama"? Hey, it's a start....

P.S. It's really creeping me out that my comments actually post.


Mark, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that this site is truly top notch. Quite a few people with strongly felt, sometimes conflicting opinions post here, yet no one questions the excellence and integrity of your work - I think that really says something. The comments bug was frustrating, but it was nothing compared to the contribution you make by helping people of all political persuasions to better understand public opinion polling.

I'm glad the comments bug is fixed, but I must say that while it lasted it provided me with a great opportunity to think twice, thrice and even four times about whether or not I *really* needed to share a particular thought ;-)



I second Ciccina's thanks for the hard work to keep this going under difficult circumstances.

My suggestion would be that we all take a deep breath and watch the following Mysterypollster recommended video:



Gary Kilbride:

I had a submission rejected last night, an error message saying (paraphrased), "too many recent comments from you..."

LOL. I hadn't commented in at least a couple of weeks. For a minute I wondered if someone had hijacked my name around here, but that would have been marvelously masochistic, acquiring all my inaccurate forecasts of the past couple of months.



Thanks a ton and bully for you, Mark. I stopped checking the pollster blogs weeks ago to avoid some of the rage. I'll start coming around again to see what kind of deep thinking you all are doing. I'm just here for the learnin'; I go elsewhere to rant (and sometimes it ain't pretty).


i am totally depressed. i'm guessing i 'll have to go back to the steps of the supreme court and demand a recount because this so called process of ours is in total shreds.

tell me why oh why the media has the right to twist it their way? why, and how come if we talk about florida we dont emphasize that only one candidate flagrantly broke the rules: that only one candidate sneakily slipped in cable advertising bombarding the airwaves in florida and environs up to and throughout the day of the primary.

how come no one has the decency to plaster this fact all over the web, the irwaves..everywhere. because that candidate is the one who would be very happy not to have a recount, who would be very happy if florida did not seat delegates, who knows very well that they'd do better in a caucaus and that a recount could spell the end of a BIG OLE SNOWJOB.

that candidate was not hillary r clinton. that candidate was Barack obama who is depending on the white liberal guilt of the media boys to not tell it like it is. and they are doing his bidding.

all i want are the facts. hillary has no right to michigan because it didnt carry all the names but florida!!!!!! if obama forked over cash to get his ads on cable then he TOOK THE FLORIDA PRIMARY DAMN SERIOUSLY> he just lost it and now wants it all his way.

this is depressing. this is gross. this is third world politics.


richard pollara:

Great post by Ciccina. This is a wonderful site and I have learned alot from both Mark and reading other's posts. As Ciccina said the best part about the posting delays is it gave you a chance to cool down and say, "do I really want my name attached to this?"



I'm not even sure I've ever posted here before but I read here religiously. So, I went to try to set up the typekey account. I've been waiting for my confirmation email for over an hour. I've asked to have it resent, still no email.


Mark Lindeman:

Kasandra, that's weird. I got a response almost instantly. Could you be suffering from an overzealous spam filter?

(akclsm: Oh, you mean when Obama ran ads on national networks before the Florida primary? I have a little trouble seeing what makes that "third world politics.")


John - Spokane, WA:

Still ready for some new polls - Rasmussen has a new Ntl poll out, how come its not on here ? Other polls out over the weekend as well. Things not looking too good for Obama, his refusal to ackowledge his participation in Rev Wrights Anti-American sermons is making him look like a BIG LIAR. Read some of the posts on CNN & FNN. I dont think he can come back after this.


Bob Evans:

John, I think I speak for everyone here when I say: STFU. Thanks.


Andrew S. in California:

Where is this wind of change? 3%? if you look at the Gallup data Obama and Clinton have been "heilixing" back and forth by 5% for weeks.

Mark is working on the site right now, I've noticed some polls not appearing but I've noticed the site getting better. Deal with the lull for now.

So far no one can prove Obama is lying about not being part of Wrights sermons (if they even cared to begin with). I'll wait for that information to come out before judging John. Your leaps of logic are unfathomable. I think you've been calling Obama's downfall since Mid-February. Obama's downfall is always JUST starting! lol


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