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POLL: ARG North Carolina Dems

American Research Group

North Carolina
Obama 51, Clinton 38



And normalcy returns... PA +12% for Senator Clinton, NC +12% for Senator Obama.
Why isn't anybody polling Indiana?



why bother? i've decided to watch cooking shows instead just so i dont explode at the forces of evil derailing our once lofty principles of democracy.

i thought it couldn't get any worse than the florida recount debacle but lo and behold, it has.

i blame obama people for this, for calling the shots on Political Correctness knowing he is teflon on this, and craftily painting pictures of hillary as a mere wife with a broom instead of a civil servant on her second term.

i condemn obama for his snide and snarky accusations of her blind ambition when it is he that refuses to come to the table and get a revote for michigan and florida.

and we know why, dont we? because it is HIS blind ambition that smells this job, that wants this job more than he wants to get it the right way; by everyone casting their vote. and dont come back with the caucus argument or split delegates.

no indiana primary because it's too far away and the movement is on to shove an icon down our throats. no need for one.

folks, the smoke filled room is alive and well and it is underway with the pressure to derail a legitimate contender by balking at florida. as if he has anyone of reasonable intelligence fooled. if you believe his reasons, then be concerned.

if this man wins , he is the best snake oil salesman the United States has ever seen, and we should all go bury our heads in the sand for this travesty of an election.

imagine, our first black president rode in on a
demagogic wave much like someone else who claimed to be a uniter in 1936. imagine, our first black president is also the first one to have forcibly quashed the right to vote. some frightening irony in that?

and for all you obamites out there that cant believe someone actually can say this about hillary while you folks rant madly about HIM, i suggest that the emperor has been parading around without a stitch on and you all think he's dressed to the nines.



lsmakc -

Look, I know this MI and FL thing isn't going to be over until it's over but, please - get your facts straight.

1) in Michigan - first, in the most recent poll there if a revote were held, it would be a dead heat between Clinton and Obama. Also, the main contention with the revote proposal that Obama had was that not everyone would be able to participate. They were going to run the revote under different parameters than the illegitimate vote earlier this year. In the first vote, anyone could vote in either party's primary. In the revote - if a Rep or Ind had voted in the Republican primary in the earlier primary, you wouldn't be able to vote in this one. Also, the courts decided that the state is not able to give the data from the first vote to the Democrats to perform to eliminate those who voted in the Republican primary.

If Michigan party officials truly wanted a revote, they would hold the new contest with the same rules as the illegitimate one.

2) In Florida - It is OBAMA's campaign that has been down in Florida trying to work out a solution ... NOT Clintons ... here's today's headline from Tampa Bay: "Clinton Campaign Holds Out Against Negotiation Over Florida, Michigan"

This goes back to the Florida and Michigan Democrats NOT FOLLOWING the rules they all agreed to in 2006. The party officials in both states snubbed the rules set by the DNC and they agreed to. The people responsible are the Democratic Parties of those two states and their legislatures and governors. Michigan state Government is controlled by the Democrats. Florida Democrats voted along with the republicans to move the date up. The Florida Democratic Party voted UNANIMOUSLY in June 2007 to hold the election early against the DNC rules.


Thanks, Thatcher.

There is so much dis-information on these primaries it's really disgusting. It's up to the states to schedule a primary or caucus under the rules the party set down. The party has been very flexible, even approving the bizarre Texas plan, all as long as they hit a 4-month wide window. Florida and Michigan couldn't do that because they didn't want to, and they still can't do it because they don't want to.

Look at how Puerto Rico was able to move their Caucus up to a Primary one week earlier without a major fuss. Was that up to the DNC to do for them? Of course not. Look at how Delaware was forced to hold a second Caucus in 1996 to avoid the same death penalty - they could do it, so why can't Florida and Michigan?

There is a precedent for this, there is a remedy for this. It's not up to the DNC, who set up the rule well in advance. If these two states still refuse to follow the rules, they should not be seated.

Instead of working towards a solution, we get dis-information like the screed above. Sorry, that isn't good enough to get the delegates seated. The other states followed the rules rather than make up a lot of BS about how it's Obama's fault.

The blame lies entirely with Florida and Michigan, and no one else.



Ismakc, I totally agree with you, esp your second-to-the-last paragraph.

No, thanks, Thatcher. Obama did not try to resolve Florida. He didn't say a word, even though the dems in Florida were waiting for his approval for the revote to happen.

Obama is a snake-oil salesman, and it's not too late to recognize this and vote Hillary...



James4Hill ---

You can believe what you want, however, I am providing the details that are being reported on (not op-ed columns). Obama had campaign staff in Florida last week trying to work on a compromise, as well.

I don't see Obama through rose-colored glasses - my candidate in the race was Richardson, when he stepped out, I moved on to Obama. And then almost 2 month later so did Richardson, himself.

I ask that you, sir, please remove the rose-colored glasses and look at Clinton again. It was reported today that "Senator Universal Health Care" was in arrears in paying for the health care premiums for her own staffers - to the tune of almost $300,000 ... and these bills were at least 2 months old. No staffer went without coverage during that time, thankfully - but the campaign did put their staffers in harms way.



Here's some interesting NC data from MSNBC First Read:

"New numbers from the North Carolina Board of Elections show that, since the first of the year, more than 165,000 new voters have registered to participate in advance of the state's May 6 primary.

That puts the total of new registered voters in the state since January 2007 at almost 522,000. For comparison's sake, that's more than TWICE the amount of new voters registered during the same time period before the 2004 election.

Forty-five percent of the new voters since January are registered as Democrats, with about 30% unaffiliated and 25% Republican. About a third are under 24 years old.

Gary Bartlett, the director of the Board of Elections, says that the number of new registrants is "through the roof" and "absolutely, totally unprecedented."

"2004 was our bellwether year," he said, when previous records were broken by spikes in registration over the summer before the November election.

This cycle's numbers, he projects, will be three to four times higher.

Bartlett has already started instructing county election officials to start reconsidering the number of ballots, volunteers, and voting machines they will need on primary day."


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