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POLL: ARG Pardon/Impeachment

A new American Research Group national survey of 1,100 adults (conducted 7/3 through 7/5) finds:

  • 31% of approve of "President George W. Bush commuting the 30-month prison sentence of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby while leaving intact Mr. Libby's conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice in the CIA leak case;" 64% disapprove.

  • 11% favor a complete presidential pardon for Libby; 84% oppose.

  • 45% favor "the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush;" 46% oppose.

  • 54% favor "US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney;" 40% oppose.


waka waka:

Right on Americans! We're the bomb!


iRon E.:

In other news, the majority of Americans do not know the proper meaning of the word "impeach."



If anyone is impeached, it must first be Cheney, then Bush. If Bush goes first, we get Cheney as president, God forbid!!



The next president, whomever he or she may be, needs to re-sign the US back onto the ICC Treaty of Hague. Hopefully then, Bush and Cheney could be tried as the international criminals that they are.



So how many Americans know what impeachment actually is?

A lot of people still think it means kicking the president out.



Why impeach? Takes too much time, too many politicians get to talk and talk. Let's just torture them!


Thomas, Peoria, AZ:

Impeach for what? President Bush did not commit a crime. You cannot Inpeach without ligimate charges. He commuted the sentence of someone that never should have been tried in the first place. Scooter Libby is innocent of everything except working for President Bush. By the way, who is the only President that has been inpeached???


Thomas - He commuted the sentence of a subordinate who lied to a grand jury and obstructed justice, preventing a full investigation from being carried out - among other charges.

Weren't you trying to impeach a President for lying to a Grand Jury?

Didn't a couple of the founding fathers say that any president who used the power of the pardon to prevent investigation of his administration would of course be immediately impeached?



"Impeach for what? President Bush did not commit a crime. Impeach for what? President Bush did not commit a crime."

Hello? Like violating federal wiretap laws, or ordering violations of the Code of Military conduct, or torturing people, or lying to Congress aren't crimes? Wow. I thought it was only in communist countries that people worshiped their leaders like gods.



"Impeach for what? President Bush did not commit a crime. Impeach for what? President Bush did not commit a crime."

Hello? Like violating federal wiretap laws, or ordering violations of the Code of Military conduct, or torturing people, or lying to Congress aren't crimes? Wow. I thought it was only in communist countries that people worshiped their leaders like gods.



It's hard to believe that people are so much in denial, at this late stage...after all that has transpired in the last 6 years. It's like people are asleep, and refuse to wake up.
Forget Andrew Johnson. Forget Wilson. Forget Coolidge. Forget Hoover. Forget Nixon. Forget Carter. George W. Bush is not only the worst president that we've ever had, he's a pretty sorry ass human being, as well. I should know. I'm from Texas, where he was Governor, and he exercised his authority to send appeal after appeal after appeal to the death chamber. No mercy for anyone. No one. Isn't clear, the mindset, as he sends troops to Iraq, to a war he initiated, so cavalier? Crimes? How about crimes against humanity? How about most grievious sins? God told him to do it. Yeah, right.


Jim West:

During the 80's I was an active Regan Republican.

Today, I do not think Ronald Regan would have anything to do with the Republican party today.

The Republican party today is not the party of Lincoln, or Regan, it has become the party of lobbyists, and incompetent corrupt policitians.

Given Bush and Cheney's placing themselves above the Constitution repeatedly, wasting huge amounts of national resources, severely damaging the security of our country, and destroying respect for American values with most of our closest allies, it is past time to impeach Bush and Cheney to at least annouce to the world that their policies are not the values of the people of the United States.

Bush and Cheney are to Terrorism as Senator MacCarthy was to Communism, and like MacCarthy, the have no shame for their actions.

Bush and Cheney's actions and actions of their closest associates seem more like finantics exercising authoritiy without any concern for the consequences of their actions or the damage they do to our constitution and our country.

It is far past time to impeach these individuals that would rule absolutely.

To not impeach Bush and Cheney weakens the fabric or our democracy and our constitution.

It is really sad to see how the Republican party of Lincoln and Regan has evolved and degenerated under their leadership.

When we have our next free election, unless the Republican party makes a major change in course, they will have committed political suicide, because the American people are not the fools that they are being played to be.

Unfortunately today, we have far too many politicians and far too few real statesmen.
Real Statesmen that believe in our Constitution and our way of government would impeach Bush and Cheney.

Unfortunately we have too many politicians, too many Republicans and too many Democratic politicans, more concerned about maintaining their own party power, than in defending our Constitution, or representing the people of the United States.

The evolution of the Republican party under Bush and Cheney should make people fear loosing our Bill of Rights and loosing many of the freedoms that have made our country great.

Other great countries in history, even recent history were misled by leaders asking people to trust their judgement and put aside rules of law.

That is the way Hitler came to power in Germany, and Mussolini came to power in Italy.

The German and Italian people are brillant people that have contributed much to Western Civilization.

The lesson of World War II and history is the dangers to freedom come often from people who wrap themselves in our flags and lead without concern for the consequences of their actions.

Bush and Cheney have damaged our Constitution, damaged the respect of our country in the world, extremely damaged our military, severely incompetently damaged our ability to fight terrorism, and if ever individuals merited impeachment, Bush and Cheney should be impeached and removed from office to restore our Constitution and restore respect for our country.



I never thought I would see the day when it is more acceptable for a president to murder inocent people, lie to our country, lead with no reguard to our constitution, etc than to get a blow job!


Rosemary Parish:

Failure to impeach is the worst possible result. Failure to impeach is complicity with executive overreaching, spying lying, torture and endless war just for starters. This is a winning issue for democrats it would show real leadership. Taking impeachment "off the table" is in its self an assault in the constitution.

We would be sending a message to the world that we want of return to our respected status.


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