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POLL: Economist National (8/11-13)

Economist /
8/11-13/08; 1,000 Adults, 4%

Obama 41, McCain 40
(8/6: Obama 42, McCain 39)



This looks to be a genuine poll on the cross tabs as far as i can see.

Not enthusiastic about McCain.

Obama needs to sell himself better.

Tight election!



you know i just reread the time line bio on obama. i felt the need to refresh my memory so as not to appear foolish.

let me start by saying that more and more this 'inexperienced' rap is snowballing especially in the face of his international brain.

what frightened me most about his inflection points vis a vis his anti war stance is not so much his beating the anti war speech of 2002 to death, but it was the insidious and peculiar need of every non- military candidate to up their macho index and find their own war in order to prove, "hey, I'm no scaredy cat, busters"

he has fingered Afghnistan as his personal 'get tough' mission because it has to be distinctly other than bush's iraq. there is almost a psychological infantilism to this one up- manship but it bespeaks his lack of confidence and intense desire to over compensate. for this i have only two words:WATCH OUT.

Obama's war has the earmarks of everything as big if not bigger than Bush's war.

but for his timeline: here it is..

two years off for research groups
two and half years organizing church groups and coming under the wing of jeremiah wright
then harvard
at harvard he took advantage of the elite
placement options and worked for sidley
and austin, the 6th largest law firm.
in the WOrld!! billions of bucks worth.
when he graduated he did not return to the 'hood' to help out but instead was embraced by U of C with a stipend and office to write his memoirs because he was the first black to edit the crimson. rather than giving back he took and took and took more for himself alone.

he chose to write about himself for the next five years and far beyond U of C's expectations which were to do it in one plus years.

quite the boondoggle. who wouldnt drag it out?!

He was neither a professor nor a published legal scholar at any time.

to help himself think better about himself and his father's socialistic but highly successful run in Kenya's Government as the mInister of Economics and transportation, Barack went to Bali. (I could have thunk for myself juggling four kids, a job and living in a one bedroom apartment in new york city)

but for barack, there was a lot of important bathing, sun gazing, practicing his alinksy'isms
and sucking on coconuts.

He did not tarnish his hands nor dig deep into the culture and roots of the chicago neighborhoods but indulged his obsession to find his father ie himself. we call that prolonged and self indulgent adolescence and all still sucking on the proverbial tit of the U of C.

then came his stint at the legislature.
his keynote.
and alan keyes basically helped hand him the senate race. but he would have won anyway.

one year in the senate.. and he runs for president.

so you add it up.

church organizer.
harvard and summer jobs in fancy law firms
lecturer at U of C even when he didnt lecture
to write his opus magnum for five years.
bali..not the ghetto
state legislature
run for pres.\
200 paid advisers for his campaign.

whew...that was easy..you'd think there would have been more in 47 years. sorry to dissappoint.



Anyone care to delete boskop's posts? He's spamming the recent poll threads.



very disappointed with Boskop.

McCain appears to be unattractive with just a bleak world of confrontation on offer.

With regards Obama son of Black kenyan goat herder and white Kansas mother. A true American Storybook hero. As this could only really happen in the USA,

Well you can't blame people for rubbing their eyes and scratching their heads in disbelief.

This is quite the most remarkable election in US history where the GOP is fielding a candidate without the temperament, executive experience, never tested with command, but none the less a distinguished 72 year old Senator who spent 5 years in Viet nam captivity.




How can you claim and assume this is going to be a close election when it's only August? Remember Dukakis' lead this time of year? We all know how that turned out. National polls are in no way election predictors or accurate at all until after the convention bounces dissipate. You should know that.




my dislike of obama is one of person rather than kind. i think that the fact of his attempt in and of itself is the greatest thing. if not he than some other african american at long last needed to have made the bid. sharpton started it, obama built on it.

we need far more applying for this job and all other representational roles so that very little is made of the uniqueness of the event and we measure just the individual and their resume/character.

there are so many wonderful things resultant from this that it is beyond scope right now.
already the commercials on networks have changed, think about it.

i cannot discredit the fact of his presence and breaking through in any way at all. but that does not mean that he deserves the presidency on that mere fact.

he doesnt in my mind. many other blacks were far more qualified but we owe a great deal in a peculiar way to his enormous ambition.
someone had to pave the way, stick their neck out and legitimize this underrepresented electorate.

but dont take that trite tack that this is a racial divide. all is fair in love and war, as they say. and finally there is far more fairness in america because of this.

he is just not presidential timber. lineage alone doesn't confer entitlement.



ps i dont spam. i carried one single post across because the discussion had moved to a more recent post. why not check through the articles and see for yourself.

so, so, sad.



"lineage alone doesn't confer entitlement"

- So you voted for Gore and Kerry, then?? ROTFLMAO!! Funny how hypocrisy works, eh??

"but for barack, there was a lot of important bathing, sun gazing, practicing his alinksy'isms and sucking on coconuts."

You are a racist republican troll, boskop. Everyone here knows it. You just post lie after lie.

It doesn't change the fact that mccain is a flip-flopping, adultering, bush-loving, misogynistic, hot-headed elitist with no clue of what is going on in the world.

Yeah, I'll take the self-made, cool under pressure (ever see him sweat?), family guy with excellent judgement who actually finished at the top of his class, thank you very much.




Been detained.Yes this is close! as electorate is polarizing. Its not that McCain is increasing his support to close the gap. There is a fairly significant number of voters who haven't made up or even begun to make up their minds. But on the evidence todate> McCain remains unattractive and Obama needs to close the sale!



"Yeah, I'll take the self-made, cool under pressure (ever see him sweat?), family guy with excellent judgement who actually finished at the top of his class, thank you very much."

why sweat when you're sitting on your arse in AC all day long?

It's not like Obama has every done anything at all in his life except run for office and run from taking a stand


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