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POLL: Rasmussen Florida Primary

A new Rasmussen Reports automated survey in Florida (conducted 1/20) finds:

  • 754 Likely Republican Primary Voters (± 4%)

    25 Romney
    20 McCain
    19 Giuliani
    13 Huckabee
    12 Thompson
    5 Paul
    6 Not Sure



Where do Thompson's votes go? Thats the queston. If Thompson is actually trying to help McCain (if thats what he was doing in South Carolina) then he'll drop out just before Florida and endorse McCain. Then there'll be no doubt that theyve been working together. That should give McCain the nomination too.



I heard an interesting analysis in which it was believed that most of Thompson's supporters would go to Huckabee or Romney.



Thats true. Thats what happened in South Carolina. Maybe it'd be better for McCain if he stayed in and continued to attack Huckabee and Romney.



Help, We need a Republican candidate who will win against the democrats who want to tax and spend us into oblivion.
Our best candidate on the economy is Mitt Romney. He knows how to create and hold jobs. Without a strong economy, nothing else works! Romney has turned failing businesses into productive, profitable ones. Romney has real world experience with the global economy. He has used his knowledge gained as a Harvard business school and law school graduate to solve problems in private business, the Olympics and as a governor. Many consider Romney to be a economic genius.
Romney will absolutely support and defend our constitution. He supports states rights and individual rights. Romney believes in freedom. He will work for equal justice for every citizen and every state. He cares about those voters and states that other candidates have snubbed.
Romney is a man of integrity who has lived socially conservative values his entire life. He is free from the pay-back politics that always happen when a person has served many years in the senate. He will bring new vision, energy, and efficiency to office.
Romney asks the right questions, listens and learns, analyzes and evaluates carefully, and leads decisively. Romney is a TRUE Republican who is committed to the long-term strength of our nation. The more closely I examine Romney, the more I like him. Romney has my vote!



almanojodo, this is no place to campaign. Here we discuss polls. And spreading misinformation about Democrats wanting to tax and spend us into obvlion doesn't help you. Who is the idiot trying to spend billions--trillions, on Iraq, a country that was no threat to us?
Democrats may want to tax some, but those are the wealthy. and Certainly not to oblivion.

Now shut up and go to Free Republic.



Here! HERE! Really, please no campaigning that is what the partisan blogs are for. This is for those that seriously love politics.


James Watson:

I agree that this site is no place to campaign, however I would like to discuss how the pundits can treat McCain like a 'front runner' given these poll results, victories in 3 states, and twice the number of delegates of any other candidate.

When will they start calling Mitt Romney a 'front runner' (if ever)?


Dan Matyola:

When he wins a real victory.Michigan was his "backyard," and only McCain even attempted to contest it. In Nevada, he ran only against Paul, and it is a state with a relatively high percentage of Mormons. Wyoming? A small state where there was very little opposition. OTOH, he lost NH, where he is very well known, and SC, where he had been campaigning and spending big bucks forever.

If he wins Florida, then he can claim to be a front runner, and not just the biggest spender.



Help, We need a Democratic candidate who will win against the Republicans who want to borrow and spend us into oblivion.

In years past, I have supported Republican candidates because I thought they were the fiscal conservatives. They had control of the government for six years and it turns out they were frauds.

They spend far more than the Democrats do, so unless you want to go to war against the world, there is little reason to vote Republican.


As I recall, the Rasmussen survey did 75% of its interviews before McCain's win in South Carolina. So I ignore the Rasmussen results as outdated. I don't even understand why Rasmussen would announce results that fail to take into account the potential bounce from the S.C. win. The effect is misleading to those who just look at the poll numbers. The scheduling of surveys should take into account the election calendar.



Pro-life supports in Florida now is your chance to kick Rudi Giuliani out of the race! He is the only Republican running on a pro-choice ticket, and we can kick him out of the race and discourage any more pro-life candidates for the future. If Giuliani gets a third place in this race he will be out for sure! The way to do it, --VOTE MITT ROMNEY. McCain has pretty much wrapped up first or second place in Florida, but Giuliani might be able to stay in the race and later on win California and New York if he wins second. All pro-life voters vote Romney. He is a pro-life candidate for whom, if he wins first or second in Florida, can kick Giuliani out! All people who are social issues voters who would have voted Huckabee, change to Romney and tell the Republican Party we want social conservatives running for President. Huckabee cannot not win in Florida and Florida is a winner takes all, so you literally hurt him worse by voting for him. Take a stand and throw Rudy Giuliani out of the race!


Susan Sanders:

Mitt Romney? You Floridians better wake up. Romeny is UNABLE to separate church from state. If he gets in, watch the mormon mafia get in to our government. How in the world can you trust a man who believes by his very own religion that he will be a god on his own planet and rule over the rest of us who aren't mormons? He will say or do anything to get himself and his mormon conspirators into the White House.


Dennis K, Iowa:

I think the lion's share of Thompson's vote will go to Romney because Thompson voters are the most conservative, and conservative Republicans despise John McCain for his attempts at amnesty for illegal aliens, his opposition to tax cuts, and generally being the RINO the Democrats cozy up to--we remember John Kerry wanted him as his VP running mate (which would likely have given Kerry the win).

These same Thompson ("Reagan")conservatives dismiss Huckabee for his liberal antics, and just generally not take him seriously. Even Bill Clinton said Huckabee could never win the presidencey just because of his NAME, and Susan Estrich has said if Huckabee gets the nominatiobn, she knows she'll be dancing at the inaugural.

Dan M, the South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries were open primaries in which McCain won with Independent voters; I don't believe they'll support him in the general election. The Republican-only primaries will be very telling.

I think the media fawns all over McCain, because then either way, we have a liberal in the White House. We do remember when his campaign was said to be dead, off-track, out of money, right?

Condi Rice, you're letting me down!

P.S. I served 20 years with a number of Mormons in inner circles of military intelligence (yes, I know), but because of the tenets of their faith and because they can't be blackmailed by skeletons in their closet, they are heavily recruited by the armed forces and federal government for sensitive positions. They are people of faith and unshakable character.

I am much more concerned by the likes of Obama's church and the tie to Farakhan and black racism than I would ever be concerned about Mormons. Does anyone else find it interesting that Obama's church gets a pass?



So, if Romney wins Florida (which he is ahead by a few points -well within the margin of error) what other state(s) will he 'must' win before becoming the front runner? All? In politics, you win some, you lose some. Even if you REMOVE all the LDS voters in neveada, you still would have creamed McCain.


HT Springer:

It's time to set aside our differences and all get behind Mitt. McCain must be stopped. Not only would he be defeated by the democrats, he is the most divisive influence of the republican party in history. Hucksters: Huckabee doesn't have a chance to win. He appeals only to evangelicals. It's time to look at your anti-Mormon bigotry in the face and decide if you're going to follow correct principles or your hatred of another religion. Those who support Ron Paul: He doesn't have a chance of winning, so what are you trying to prove? Get behind Mitt. Even if he's not as "conservative" as you like, he's a man that can and will GET THINGS DONE! He has a rare combination of incredible talent, intelligence, drive, and natural charisma. The more people get to know him the more they like him. McCain supporters: You wouldn't support McCain if you studied his record. He was a war hero... that's all I ever hear. That does not qualify him to be president. Over the past 24 hours he's been literally telling lies about Gov. Romney's record as governor. He's getting desperate. He's a hothead. He uses profanity. He is completely unpresidential and spells disaster in November.


Tom R.:

If Mitt Romney were to become president, I think there is a good chance that he would be the best president this country has had in over a century. Yes. That being said. the liberal-media-mogul cabal will never allow Romney to become president. They will do WHATEVER it takes to stop him, and are powerful enough to accomplish that end.


DC Seattle:

I'm really getting tired of people Bashing Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. I thought that this was a country that allowed freedom of religion. Mitt is by far the best candidate the republicans have. To the liberal media: GET OVER YOURSELVES!


Eric :

To all the Mitt Romney spammers: I think the fact that I was able to find my way to this forum qualifies me to decide for myself whom to vote for. To the pro-lifers above--do you REALLY think that is among the most pressing (top 50 even) issues our country faces? The fact is, the Supreme Court is ALREADY stacked in the favor of the right (Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, Scalito,and to a degree, Kennedy) and even then it doesn't look like Roe is going anywhere.

In any event, on to the polls: 1. Is there a McCain bounce from South Carolina? Not much of one if any due to the narrow window between primaries. 2. The #1, 2 and 3 slots are all within the margin of error. 3. Question: Do 1,2,3 (even 4) have enough money-raising capacity to make it to the convention? Look what kind of trouble Buchanan stirred up in 92. This may not be the GOP's year to win, but it may well be an important one in reassessing its priorities....which is long overdue considering three legs of their four-legged coalition are cracked (limited government, fiscal restraint, social conservatism).


Voting for Mitt Romney our Ex Gov in MA Did a great job here in this state . Why vote for for McCain an arrogant little man who fouled up legislation in Washington Gang of 14 Keating 5 voted againgst tax cuts McCain Feingold boondoggle it goes on and people want to send this incompetant back to Washington.Really don't understand it. Also a Poll is political and we live in a country where we still can say what we want freely.


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