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POLL: Rasmussen Florida, Ron Paul

Two new Rasmussen Reports automated surveys find:

  • Among 457 likely Democratic primary voters in Florida, Sen. Hillary Clinton (at 46%) leads Sen. Barack Obama (15%) and former Sen. John Edwards (13%) in a statewide primary (conducted 7/18 through 7/19).
  • Among 490 likely Republican primary voters in Florida, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani edges out former Sen. Fred Thompson (22% to 21%) in a statewide primary; Sen. John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney both trail at 13% (conducted 7/18 through 7/19).
  • Among 1,461 likely voters nationwide, Clinton leads Rep. Ron Paul (49% to 34%) in a general election match-up; Obama leads Paul 50% to 30% (conducted 7/20 through 7/22).

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Why were they doing national test heats of Clinton and Obama vs. Ron Paul?! Was Ron Paul paying for this poll? Whats next, are they doing to do test heats of Clinton and Obama vs. Lyndon LaRouche?



Why was Ron Paul excluded from the individual poll? It seems almost in bad faith at this point to run a Republican poll without including Ron Paul as one of the choices.



Not a blip on the radar right?

Ron Paul 2008


Michael Wagner:

Ron Paul will be the Republican nominee. There simply is no other conservative republican in the race. Rudy McRomney & Co. are all neocon hacks.
It is fascinating that Ron Paul does so well against Clinton and Obama, given that he has very low name recognition.
It is also fascinating that Ron Paul is attracting many Democrats and Independents to his campaign as well as many people who never voted before. His message is resonating with many people who are fed up with the status quo. Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents real change and has a record to back it up.



All things considered, those aren't bad numbers at this stage for a candidate in Ron Paul's Position, I wonder what his name recognition is right now... 20%? 25%?

But this is what happens when a candidate manages to garner more fund raising than the other second tier candidates, More blurbs in the news. It's a chicken and egg thing, you have to raise money to get free pub, and to get free pub, you first have to show you can raise money. So now organizations are starting to check out Ron Paul in more serious manner.

I still don't see how Ron Paul can win the Republican Nomination. Unless Somehow Thompson, Romney, Guiliani, and McCain all managed to invalidate themselves to the Core, and Brownback, Huckabee etc somehow can't jumpstart their campaign, then Paul could get the nomination. One in a thousand chance maybe, but it's not zero.


Samuel Medrano, MD:

Add more exposure to the equation and the results of this poll will truly be more revealing. Ron Paul's constitutionalist message resonates profoundly with the most people once they learn about and hear Ron Paul explain his position.


If people would take a moment to check out Ron Paul, there is no doubt in my mind that they would like his message, and that he would win the Republican nomination. Don't let the media choose the next President, make your own choice.




Ron Paul will never be nominated for the simple reason that he is not a Republican. H left the GOP in the eighties to join the Libertarian Party, and was their candidate for President in 1988. The GOP party brass do not forget traitors. You leave the Party, you run against the Party, you don't welcomed back to the Party with open arms.

Ask Pat Buchanan. Many GOPers won't touch either Buchanan or Paul because they defected. They turned their back on the Republican party.



Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman. He is a true Republican statesman that uholds his oath of office to protect the Constitution. The fact that the majority of American people are opposed to this war is the reason why Ron Paul is the only chance the GOP has to bet the Democrats. Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination and will be our President in 2008!



So Ron paul already has 30% of the vote. He's only been out and about now for 3 months, another 3 months and he'll have 60% of the vote.



Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman. He is a true Republican statesman dedicated to upholding his oath of office to protect the Constitution. His voting record proves he is the champion of the Constitution, which unfortunately cannot be said for the majority of candidates.



I'm a huge Ron Paul fan, but I'm not as enthusiastic about this poll as some of the others here. While I hope he is gaining ground, and it was good to be included in this. I believe this could actually be a vote for "Other". There are people who just won't vote for Clinton or Obama.


I'm glad the media's burying Ron Paul - if they were up front about his message, every other candidate would suffer. Americans are just too stupid to elect an honest man to the White House...it takes corruption to manage corruption. I can't imagine someone with the outdated, moldy ideals of the Founding Fathers, who's preaching smaller federal government, lower taxes (and I hate that his voting record parallels what he says!), a more sane foreign policy, no national ID card, no patriot act, no illegal immigration - hell, that flies right in the face of all the other candidates plans to take care of (and tax us) from cradle to grave. I hate Ron Paul...how about you? www.IHateRonPaul.com - "...they hate us for our freedoms!"



I'm a vet for Ron Paul. I've got my T-shirt and bumper sticker. Bring the troops home!


Samuel Medrano, MD:

Add exposure to the equation and this poll will be truly revealing. People are generally very receptive to Ron Paul's constitutionalist message!



This is a step in the right direction, but there is hard road ahead still for Ron Paul and his supporters. Most of the electorate still doesn't know who he is or what his message is and the forces arrayed against that message cannot be underestimated. With that said...If his unifying message gets out...he will win.


cameron Ericksen:

As I understand it Paul has more donantions from our troops than any other candidate Rep. or Dem. When people hear that, they take a second and third look at this wild man that abides the Constitution.

Paul 2008!


Michael Vee:

Ron Paul is not as well known as most people would like him to be. This, of course, is due to little, or no, media time. But, don't worry 'main stream' media. We already know who your 'masters' are. "Sit boy. Sit," said the Federal Reserve.

Freedom is popular. Ron Paul 2008!

Fix the Republic!


John Foster:

Someone posted that Ron Paul turned his back on the Republican party.

To that I say- The Republican Party turned its back on traditional conservatism and the constitution when it started supporting big government, runaway defecits, and an interventionist foreign policy.

Ron Paul 2008! What's more important- the Republican Party or The United States of America?


Marcellous McCane:

I just read an article in the Miami Herald titled: Clinton, Giuliani Keep Big Leads in Florida
The article was written by BETH REINHARD AND BREANNE GILPATRICK and posted Sunday 11/11/07

The polling company used was "Kellyanne", which happens to be a woman owned company.

What I found most interesting after reading through all the poll results was that Ron Paul was never mentioned throughout the entire article. You would think pro-democrats would want to at least show low results for Ron Paul but apparently he was either never included in their survey, or he scored below a percent not worth mentioning--which I can't believe.
Does anyone out there have information regarding the latest polling results for Ron Paul in Florida? I live in Hollywood,Fl. but I've been stuck working away from home for the past 2 months.


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