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TN: 2010 Gov (Rasmussen 6/15)

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6/15/10; 500 likely voters, 4.5% margin of error
Mode: Automated phone
(Rasmussen release)


2010 Governor
50% Haslam (R), 32% McWherter (D)
44% Ramsey (R), 33% McWherter (D)
44% Wamp (R), 33% McWherter (D)

Favorable / Unfavorbable
Bill Haslam: 66 / 17
Ron Ramsey: 46 / 30
Mike McWherter: 45 / 38
Zach Wamp: 51 / 29

Job Approval / Disapproval
Pres. Obama: 42 / 57
Gov. Bredesen: 75 / 25



if dems wanted a senate seat, bredesen would be a good choice for them.........high approval rating. looks like a GOP pick-up here.



Lamar Alexander may retire in 2014 I heard. Bredesen might be a good candidate.

Harold Ford had the shot at the seat before the righties did ads that had undocumented lies of him cohabitating with white women. And the south doesn't have a racial bias? My ass.



Howard Dean was the best leader of the Democratic party. Dean's genius is missed tremendously.

His presidential campaign was a flop and he is way too progressive to ever be elected, but like me he is practical when it came to sizing up what type of candidates could win sin specific states and districts. He read a lot of letters and met with organizers and could find candidates who were just centrist enough to win in states like NC and Indiana, yet he could find top progressive candidates like Sherrod Brown, Amy Klobuchar and Casey in PA.

Dean diversfied the party a lot, and wish he had stayed on. I don't think Tim Kaine is going to last long.



@ Farlefty

The fact that a black, left of center Democrat from Memphis that is a member of the Ford family (they don't have the best reputation in the state) got 48% of the vote in a state that is 80% white shows anything but racial bias. But, of course, you see racial boogeymen everywhere.

As for the race for governor of the state of Tennessee this go around, it is not whether or not the GOP will pick this seat up, but by how much of a landslide margin.



I know the south goes really ballistic when an agent of change who actually gets worthwhile legislation passed, and really creeps them out for some reason. I remember hearing "Bill Clinton is the antichrist". Clinton's assault weapons ban was like the death of western civilization throughout the white south.

When we had Bush in office Democrats won gubernatorial races in the south, but once the black islamic president who was born in Kenya became president, the south decided to wage another civil war against Washington.

The south never really changes. Yes, they don't lynch people anymore, and I admit there are many succesful black people in the south. Race relations have come along way, but old attitudes and mistrust as well as superiority still exist.



Watch out everyone....Someone who was working with Elena Kagan in a note put the KKK and NRA in the same category......Watch out, the right will use that note to ask the same question to her.

I loved it when Sodamayar wised off to Sessions when he asked her about the right to defend herself with a gun..Sonya said, "well maybe against you, I just might". I was so glad she stood up to it.

I support gun owners rights in most cases, but the NRA takes it to an extreme. I really don't want to see Kagan have to apologize to them. They aren't quite as bad as the KKK.

The NRA people i have personally known who were members were not what I would call likeable people.

I actually made my judgement about them before I found out they were members of the NRA.
They tend to be very angry individuals who can't really discuss politics with anyone who disagrees with them. This is just the ones I have known. One of them had a bullseye of Chuck Schumer on one side of their room and Hillary Clinton when she was senator on the other. It gave me the chills.



Was that the same Bill Clinton that won states like Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia in 1992 and Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida in 1996? Or the hated Obama who won states like Virginia, North Carolina and Florida in 2008? What's interesting is that it was the two white guys who were Vietnam War vets who couldn't win a single Southern state in 2000 and 2004, but a draft dodger wins multiple states in the South in 1992 and 1996 and a liberal left-wing black Senator from Chicago with the name Barack Hussein Obama wins three Southern states, but yes, the South is just nothing but racist barbarians out to destroy progress and keep minorities in chains.

Of course you had nutbags that hated Clinton to the point that they thought he was out to destroy the country during the 90s (although the mid to late 90s with Clinton as President and the GOP controlling Congress were some of the best years in this country's history- great economy, peace, low crime, balance budgets, etc). Of course there are the same fringe types that feel that way about Obama. Guess what? There were left-wing kooks that hated Bush so much they thought he masterminded 9/11 and was attempting to establish a theocracy with himself as dictator. There are kooks of every stripe in this country, not just right-wingers and not just people in the South. But, of course, you can't see that. You think you have it all figured out, while the rest of us just don't get it.



Well said.

FarLeft, can you develop a bit more tolerance and empathy for those you THINK are not like you?

You frequently make assumptions about whole groups that have elements of truth but vastly over-simplify what is actually complex. That is always the error of prejudicial thinking.

The other problem is that by calling the South racist exclusively, you seem blind to the very real racism in the rest of the country. I have been to just about every major city in the country, including Austen, Seattle, Portland, and every other liberal delight. I saw exactly the same problems with race there as everywhere else. Seattle has an usually high number of inter-racial marriages, but blacks still live near Martin Luther King Blvd and have rates of poverty and the same racial achievement gaps and defacto-segregation in schools as everywhere else in the country.

I hate to say it, but all of this makes you seem terribly naive or shallow. I think you are probably much better than that, but I wish you would show it to us.

By the way, I thought you wrote that you are gay? Whether you are or not, you would be surprised to know that nearly all conservatives could care less. Even opposition to gay marriage has less to do with feeling about gays than you might think. It is more often simply a reaction to an overall sense that marriage and families are under attack. You might have noticed that opposition to civil marriages evaporated some time ago and opposition to gay marriage is rapidly dissappearing.



I am 100 percent straight. I am just tired of the justification of homophobia in this country and Obama should pass an executive order to repeal don't ask don't tell. He was dumb to make it part of the military budget.

I never said that racism exclusively exists in the south. All I have to do is take a look at states like PA, OH, CA and AZ and see the difference between wealthy whites literally getting away with crimes, and a disproportionate of people of color sitting on death row because they couldn't afford good counsel.

In some ways racism is worse in northern cities as you have wonderful white suburban schools and schools in the inner city that are a huge mess. From what I have seen, there are probably worse inequalities these days in cities like Chi, Philly, Detroit, LA and the Bay area with Oakland vs San Francisco.



I thought that African american communities in VA and NC when I spent time there seemed more prosperous than they do in the northern cities. They at least have a lawn and some breathing room. It beats the crappy conditions that exist in the Bronx.

I can't speak for the rest of the south.


Juan Chin:

I think some of you far right radical nuts forgot to take your bipolar medication today. YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE is full of the hate in this country that makes the Republican Party go round. I get so sick and tired when you people post your garbage on this and other sites claiming your love for this country when in fact YOU spew your hate of Americans. Just look at your heroes like Glenn Beck and Rush Larbaugh spewing their hate each and every day! To the idiot who said Obama won three southern states and therefore the south isn't racist - I wouldn't lump Florida in your claim. In fact, Florida is more midwestern than southern and well, Virginia is more mid-Atlantic east coast than anything else in today's world. As for North Carolina, the kids from Boston, Philly and DC make up the Democratic trending eastern part of the state (Wake, Orange, Durham). They get their degrees and stay. So, the old South is pretty much history in these states. You cannot say that about South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi wher the Stars and Bars wave in the wind. Republicans: you cannot rewrite history so DON'T TRY!


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