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US: National Survey (CBS-5/6-12)

CBS News
5/6-12/09; 1,874 adults, 2% margin of error
Mode: Live Telephone Interviews


Obama Job Approval
63% Approve, 26% Disapprove (chart)
inds: 59 / 28 (chart)
Reps: 34 / 54 (chart)

Economy: 56% Approve, 33% Disapprove (chart)

State of the Country
45% Right Direction, 48% Wrong Track (chart)
Economy: 32% Getting Better, 23% Worse (chart)

Do you have confidence that Barack Obama will nominate good justices to the Supreme Court, or are you uneasy about who he will choose?

    55% Confidence
    35% Uneasy

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This approval rating just has got to be honeymoon effect. Obama is almost no different than Bush. I do not like either Bush or Obama...where the heck is the change?

Both love deficit spending
Both love g'ment entitlement programs
Both support military tribunals
Both support tax payer funded bailouts
Both oppose gay mairage
Both are leaving Gitmo open despite rhetoric to close it, it will remain open
Both support bigger and bigger g'ment

All that we did is exchange Bush incompetence with obama incompetence.The only real difference i even see is Obama blatantly supports g'ment take over and nationalization of industries such as banking, auto and financial, where Bush supported the same thing but was not as blatant about it.

These guys are the same, no real differences at all. Both spend, I guess the only difference is Bush cuts taxes and overspends and Obama raises taxes and overspends.....

This is amazing, I am convinced the media has R's and D's so distracted with arguing amongst eachother and minor partisan bickering that we stop paying attention to what g'ment itself is doing...and it does the same thing no matter who is in office, gets bigger and bigger, and grabs more and more control over our free markets and lives.

This is just out of control. And people are so partisan they cannot see Obama is just as bad as Bush...since they are doing the exact same things. Take refusing to release the photo's the aclu wanted, I oppose releasing them, but now so does obama, thats the same thing Bush owuld have done....so what the hell is the difference between them?

I think we have all been duped by the leadership of our respective parties, because both parties are doing the same damn thing....the rest is all a dog and pony show to distract us.



Stillow: Its the war. Its the war, its always been the war, and the war will forever define the Bush legacy. Everything else, good or bad, is dwarfed by Bush's ill fated Iraq adventure.

Besides that, perhaps people realize that its gonna take Obama a lot of time, effort and money to set things right again and are thus willing to give him some slack.



I agree the Iraq war was the tipping point for Bush. but Obama is not setting anything right, he is doing the same exact thing Bush was doing here at home. Spending money we don't have, big g'ment entiitlements and having the g'ment take over private businesses. There's no difference between the two presidents. Both are big g'ment fiscal liberals. I guess you could argue they have social differnces such as abortion and maybe gun rights, but on the stuff that affects our pocket books they are the same president.
These two guys have single handedly increased the debt level to an unpayable amount. They are engaging in pure fascism by taking over private companies.
As a fiscal conservative I see them both the same, both are taking us down a path of bigger g'ment, more dependency, higher taxes and more entitlements....and all of that only leads to disaster. I know you big g'ment folks will disagree, but these two guys are exactly the same on the issues that matter.
Aren't you true liberals a little peeved that is no different than Bush?
These two spend money like fish drink water.
Every single g'ment entitlement program is bankrupt and running out of money...because as any true fiscal conservative will tell you, g'ment entitlements never work and will always go bankrupt i nthe long run. Social Security is nothing more than a giant ponzy scheme.
God help us.




your lunacy baffles me! If your so worried about the government meddling in the private sector, then why are they in need of government bail outs to stay a float? let me explain this s-l-o-w-l-y- when reccession comes people aren't spending. then if you inject stimulus you keep the private sector alive until the recession ends! hey give yourself a cookie if you understand that concept! And if privatization is so good, then why did deregulation result in wall street going wild, and risking the livelihood of so many Americans? Your a complete lunatic, that throws words like fascism, and your mommy should have swallowed you!



See, you ar ethe typical liberal who doesn't get it. G'ment cannot stimulte anything, g'ment stimulus checks never do any thing. If you wanted to stimulate the economy, cut g'ment spending and give everyone a huge tax cut or a 3 month tax holidy.....if you do that people would ahve more money and they would go spend it. The people having there own money is stimulus, not the g'ment wasting it in giant inefficient burocracies. You libs seem to think g'ment is the answer to everything.
If a company is run poorly, let it go out of business...others will replace it. It happens all the time. 99.9% of all companies out there are run smartly and aren't doing anythign illegal. There is always orruption, so increase the punishment for white ocollar crime.
Deregulation didn't cause our current problem. To much g'ment involvement did. Freddie and Fannie who are at the center of this mess are hevily regulated and when you combined that regulation with items such as the community reinestment act which forced banks to lend money to borrowers who were not qualified you create a real mess. Then the g'ment gave the banks incentives because it forced freeide nd fannie to buy the loans, thus destorying those companies...and it was all done with heavy g'ment involvement and regulation.
The auto industries struggle because they have more and more regualtions put on them by g'ment. This is all a scam. Every problem we have you can track right back to g'ment....who by the way is the biggest source of corruption and poor management we have in this country.
You want the economy to improve, give sizable tax cuts to everyone across the baord, Lighten the tax burden on the middle class by 50% and watch the growth that will occur. Take the punitive taxes off the upper class and watch the investment and new business start ups skyrocket. G'ment cannot control the economy without controlling people.
Let the people use there own money to stimulate....g'ment is not as effective at spending my money as i am. If they take $1,000 from me a month in taxes, if I get that back I will spend it on real items...giving it to the g'ment is a waste, first half of it gets wated and lost in the burocracy and the other half is spent on entitelments that don't stimulate anything except the scope and power of the g'ment.
Make g'ment work with us, not against us....get rid of the entitlements and high taxes on everyone....let the people be free and keep their own money.....
The answer is not to let the most corrupt entity in the ountry, the g'ment itself take our money and then spend it for us and then claim its stimulus. G'ment is the problem here, its gotten to big, to expensive and to inefficient. The people must be allowe to keep what they earn and spend what they earn how they wish.....
That my liberal freind would be real stimulus. Bush and Obama ar ebig g'ment liberals and its time we get back to our small g'ment conservative roots which provided us prosperity for decades!



And Obama's still quite popular. And Stillow keeps saying the same thing over and over, except no one's listening. The honeymoon's been over for a while now. People just really like Obama. The economy will pick up in the next few months, or maybe just in time for the '10 elections.



Its the honeymoon, it has to be, if he is no different than Bush and peole hated bush's big g'ment fiscal liberalism, then obama's support of the same big spending will catch up to him. Obama's approval is about where Bush's was early on as well....it will fade, it has to!
There's a pretty big difference between obama's personal approval rating and the approval rating of policies he supports, eventually those will ahe to correct.



Seems like I heard the other day that Jimmy (44 out of 44) Carter had even higher approval numbers at this point in his one term. It is a honeymoon plus people validating in their own minds that they made the right choice last Nov.

And I am positive that Bush had even higher numbers. Maybe not at the same point in time, but I am not going to spend my time looking it up. It doesn't matter.

Bottom line is those numbers at this moment in time have nothing to do with anything.


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