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US: National Survey (DemCorps 2/2-4)

Democracy Corps (D) / Common Cause / Change Congress / Public Campaign Action Fund
2/2-4/10; 805 likely voters, 3.5% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
(Democracy Corps: toplines, Summary)


State of the Country
35% Right Direction, 58% Wrong Track (chart)

Obama Job Approval
47% Approve, 47% Disapprove (chart)

Favorable / Unfavorable
Republican Party: 33 / 43
Democratic Party: 38 / 44
Barack Obama: 49 / 40 (chart)

2010 Congress: National Ballot
46% Democratic candidate, 45% Republican candidate (chart)



Hmmm, I thought there for sure woudl have been a good bump fro mthe SOTU and last thru Feb....but I guess I am wrong. Even the partisan pollsters can't get him above 50 anymore.



He actually did get a Haiti bounce for a few days. Which I thought he did respond to very well.

And that small bounce after SOTU I actually attribute more to his GOP retreat performance. Without the prompter, he performed well for his standards. SOTU was WEAK.

And now the call for bi-partisan HCR talks.. I don't know.. I doubt people will not see it for what it is. A desperate grasp at straws.

GOP better have their $^!# together. They need to know exactly what they can agree to and stick to it.



His strat is to put Republicans in the spotlight and make them vote on unpopular things that the party heads do not like but the house does like. We'll see some interesting tests of leadership from Boehner and Cantor in the coming weeks.



The voters want accomplishments not talk. I don't know if Obama is making the best decision by talking to Republicans in general about health care. He should simply speak privately to just about 5 in the house and 2 in the senate and try to see what the most moderate members would remove from the current plan to have something they could pass. I doubt Cantor or Boehner will want to help. Perhaps Snowe and Collins in the senate would be enough to get some basic reforms passed without the government takeover.

Obama is giving the GOP way too much respect. I wouldn't have even been able to look at Cantor after last summer when he told a 60 year old African American woman she should sell her house and apply for Medicaid; (A government program) as the best way to cover her before she was elligable for medicare. It was about as arrogant as you could get. In fact the statement wasn't even human.



There's plenty of evidence that shows the audience of any SOTU address is made up more heavily of the president's supporters, whether D or R. So by definition the bounce was going to fade. I agree with the commenter above that the bounce was indeed more about Haiti than the SOTU.

In order to increase approval, the president needs an event to react to so he can actually wield executive power. This is true regardless of party.



Giving the GOp to much respect? He has not given them any. They totally shut out the GOP from the HCR talks since day 1. It was all Dems all the time...and it backfired on him big. Now HCR is essentially dead the way he wanted it.

O is setting the GOP up by doing wha the doing now and I hope htey realize that. Lip service is a small insult imo. Obama spit on repubs sinc eday 1 thinking he he can do whatever he wants with his Dem majoirites. Then reality hit........

After GOP gains this fall, O will be left wondering what the hell happened. Right now he is grasping for whatever he canget....watching his approval sink lower and lower and lower with every passing month.



Do you live in reality? It had nothing to do with anything the president did or did't do. They would have voted against the bill regardless even if it was 100% of the things they claim they wanted. The fact the republicans and some democrats don't want anything to do with HCR. If they did then we wouldn't be having this discussion because they would have done it during the Bush administration. So don't pull that phony crap about how they were booted out the process. Baucus tried to work with the republicans in the finance commitee and they voted against amendents put in by them. The same thing they are doing now. Voting against their own initiatives when the president supports them then crying about how the president didn't listen to their ideas. It's a bunch of baloney and you know it.



Stillow: How in the world could you say Obama hasn't given the GOP much respect? Just because you disagree with him how could you possibly think that taking 2 hours unscripted having a luncheon with the hardline conservatives in congress, was he confrontational? Did he assault them as people? I have tried hard to be objective, and I don't think George W. ever had a live televised forum with the Democrats until he wanted their Iraq war vote.

If Obama was to lose the congress and senate, he would take it like a man. I don't think it is going to happen, but like me, he would know exactly what happened.

A majority of the American people are a-political or are in the ctr politically and don't follow the issues like we do. Obama would know that he wasn't able to deliver the improvement and affordability of healthcare and other issues. Obama never expected this wold be an easy road for him. To change a system that has gotten out of control, and is president of a nation that is ranked at the bottom of the barrel in comparison to other industrialized democracies, nothing will surprise him.

For those of you who are not rooting for Obama and don't like his policies, or perhaps him personally, he will stand by you. He is still your president. I think for temperement Obama has perhaps the best I have seen. Since Reagan, we haven't had a president who can take critizism nearly as well.



No, the GOP was not shut out of the HCR from day one. I remember just about a year ago, Grassley and Hatch, talked about reform, and were on bi-partisan committees, and there was hope for awhile, and than came the town halls. I think the GOP pretended to be open to reform, but in the back of their minds, fighting reform, looked better as a political maneuver to bring forth a new movement of right wing populism. This antagonism, made the Dems in the House and congress believe that they had no choice but to go it alone. Snowe and Collins did consider certain health care plans without a public option. The problem is with our system. With the fillibuster, nothing major really gets accomplished. Most Americans don't know you need 60 votes to break a fillibuster. It holds our system hostage. Perhaps, it is better not to have the fillibuster, because if our leaders, from the far right or far left have too much power, they won't be re-elected.




The voters want accomplishments not talk. "

Bwahahahaha. The irony of your statement is too much to bear.



"No, the GOP was not shut out of the HCR from day one."

In the house they were absoultely shut out by the leadership. In the senate, only moderates were given any ear and that was for two reasons: 1. political cover should the public turn sharply against it (which they did) and 2. they needed to ensure they would get 60 votes as senators like Lincoln and Landrieu weren't fully on board from day 1.

Now I know you think that the President meeting with House Repubs. at their retreat was some kind of monumental feat of bipartisanship, but it was purely symbolic. In the following days, the President was talking down core Repub. ideas in order to satisify the hard left. So the President had a nice photo op. but no real resolve to move foward on any promises of "bi-partisanship" or moderation. So now, the President continues to vascilate between a center that he has to hold and a hard left that's willing to pushing him and his party into political suicide, all while giving lip service to the right while having absolutely no intention to actually pushing for their ideas.

So where does that leave us in political terms. Well, unless the economy turns by Aug. it leaves the Dems. with likely house losses in the 40-80 seat range in the house and 7-13 seats in the Senate, all depending on the severity of the economy and the stuborness of the Dems who insist that HC must pass this year, while jobs continue to evaporate in a sea of jobless recovery while the govt. continues to fiddle away $787 billion dollars that did not to thwart rising unemployment. It's just reality.


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