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US: National Survey (Moore-5/5-7)

Moore Information (R)
5/5-7/09; 800 registered voters
Mode: Live telephone Interviews


Obama Job Approval
60% Approve, 30% Disapprove chart

2010 National Congressional Ballot
Democrat 42, Republicn 35 chart

Party ID
Democrat 44, Republican 36, independent 20 chart



I just don't think I buy into this gap in the congressional ballot. I sense that fiscal conservatism is going to come back into fashion and do so with a huge roar.

We first had the tea parties where people everywhere stood up and said enough is enough. Now yesterday in CA, probably the bluest of all states voted down every single tax increase proposal. In fact I read that not a single county in the state, not even San Francsisco area had a majority vote to increase taxes.

We have seen the damage over spending by g'ment causes under Bush. People...in both parties are saying enough ie nough with the taxes and g'ment spending. If bigger g'ment, higher taxes and more g'ment spending did not pass in CA, then it will not pass anywhere. There are signs all over the place that people are simply fed up with all the spending and taxes.

A message to the GOP....I was once a proud republican who left the party because you became a big g'ment big spending party just like the Dems. Get back to your conservative roots. Get out there and call for less spending and smaller g'ment like you used to and you will grow and prospure. Get back to Reaganism and you will win landslides....because even CA, the bluest of the blue rjected bigger g'ment and higher taxes. The signs are right in front of you. If you can do that GOP, you will regain my support and my vote. Stand up for conservative fiscal values, Reagan provided you the formula on how to win 49 state landslides. The people by virtue of instinct want smaller g'ment and less g'ment control over their lives.

Again if CA rejects big fiscal liberalism, so will everyone else. We the people simply cannot afford it anymore....



Be careful how much you read into those CA prop results. CA didn't reject the props because of fiscal conservatism, it was a combination of liberals and conservatives who were pissed at the Leg. for throwing the issues at out feet. Only one of the props dealt with tax increases, while the others just moved money around.



In my opinion it was a clear sign CA voters said enough is enough on the spending. If you do not have the money, then cut the budget. The people simply cannot pay anymore...they are being nickle and dimed to death. CA, a liberal stronghold woke up and said no more spending....no more taxes. Don't borrow money against things like future lottery earnings, etc. They said live within your means, just as well have to do on a personal level.

I am begging the GOP to put forth conservative statemen who can present real fiscal conservative contrast against the liberal spender sin btoh parties and Obama. I wholeheartedly beleive if a true conservative with good communication skills steps forward he can crush fiscal liberal opposition. The people are angry and they want it to stop, they just need a leader.

If only Obama used his gift of communication to empower the individual, to put forth personal responsibility and to show the worth of working for yourself, he coudl be one of our greatest presdients. But instead he engages in far left policies, spends money we don't have wnats to raise taxes, he is seizing private companies....the people do not want that. This is America, not the Soviet Union. There have been two great communciators the past 60 years or so....Obama and Reagan, each was given a gift of speech that can truly get people to follow them.

If a true conservative spokesman emrges, its my beleif the peopel will follow.As I said, Reagan gave the formula for how to win 49 state landslides and win by 20 million votes.

States like CA are bankrupt because they spend to much....with any entitlement, you have to continually pump more and more money into that entitlement to keep it going, the money supplysimply is not large enogh to accomodate every entitlement the liberals want to give us. The biggest to date is social security and its proven to be unsustainable, its bankrupt. The g'ment is doing things and providing people with things that the g'ment was never intended to do, or designed to do...and that is true on all levels, local, state and federal. We have got to get away fro mthis notion that g'ment can do eveyrhting for us, that it is somehow better with psending our money than we are. The key to prosperity is not thru g'ment taxes and spending or thru borrowing more to spend more...th key to prosperity is to reduce g'ment influence so that businesses are free to invest, grow and hire. If you relive the people and businesses of the puntive taxes, it frees up money to be used i nthe economy. The best stimulus for the economy is the peopelthemselves, not the g'ment. Its thru this notion that g'ment mujst provide for us that taxes go up, economie slow down and the people suffer. I think people are waking up to it. CA is a good start....a liberal stronghold rejecting higher taxes and g'ment spending tha tis out of control. And that is in the bluest of bue states. That is a clear signal in my opinion for a conservative leader to emerge. If someone with th ideals of a Ronald Reagan and who has good communication skills emerges, that person will gain heavypopular support. The GOP used to have those types of leaders, but it ha become way to liberal.

Ther eis a huge silent majoirty out there of fiscal conservatives who are tired of paying bills for everyone else, who tired of working ahrd just to have ther emoney taken by g'ment....they are tired of g'ment overpsenidng...they are sickened by the fact we are putting our grandkids into debt. This nation is desperate for real leadership.

CA and these teaparties are just the beginning to what I see a massive conservative comeback. The left has overreached...and if CA say no to higher taxes and bigger g'ment, that is a clear sign there is a growing movement out there who is just waiting for a leader to lead them.



Well, Stillow, we'll just have to disagree as to what the meaning of yesterday's election was. Time will tell.



Agreed...time will tell. It always does.



When Gallup had party ID even last week we compared to other polls that were available.

Fox and CBS polled after the Gallup dates and Ipsos just before. The Dem ID lead in each case was 12, 11 and 10 respectively.

So in the last few days we have:

Resurgent Republic +6 D
Democracy Corps +8 D
Moore Info +8 D

I won't make any outrageous claims based on the above, but as a conservative I am liking what I see.

There is nothing conservatives or the GOP have done in the last couple of weeks that could move the numbers, at least that I am aware of. Could this be an indication that the left is indeed over reaching, as Stillow suggests above?




I personally just don't see any other reason than the left over reaching and there flawed spending policies are catching up to them everywhere. You wait and see, since CA voters said enough is enough to more taxes and spending, the state is going bankrupt....and what is going to happen is Obama is going to swoop in with federal dollars (that we don't have) and bail CA out and as a result force CA to give certain concessions to the Fed...just as they are doing with the banks, car companies, etc. My tax money here in NV is going to go to bail out CA over spending and its huge welfare state its created inside itself. Liberals have run that state for 20 years and you can see the result....its bankrupt and its a absolute mess and its all due to overspending and entitelment programs up the wazoo. Its simply unsustainable. NY will be next, probably followed by NJ and MI. All are huge states run by fiscal liberals. Entitlement programs just do not work and they eventually lead you to total bankrupcy because they cannot be sustained. You can only take so much money from the working people before you take so much they can no longer afford to live...that is hwer its at in CA right now. the people simply cannot pay any more money. They said no yesterday in massive numbers, 2 to 1.
This spending binge the feds and states are onhas got to stop if we are to save this union. There is going to be a federal bail out of CA, but guess what? The feds are in the same exact boat as states like CA. they are engaging in massive debt spending and creating entitlement after entitlement...and there is no end in sight. And since we know by looking at the states, fiscal liberalism and entitlement societies do not last....then the hidden question here is who is going to bail out the federal g'ment after its done bailing everyone else out with debt money? We are borrowing an insane levels. We are now slaves to countries like China...and the liberals want to spend more. We are witnessing liberal fiscal policy destorying the country we all grew up in and there is no elected high profile conservative opposition, and I cannot figure out why. conservatives were silent on Bush spending and they are now on Obam...you have some voices here in there, but there is no organized conservative voice agains what is happening to htis country...I guess its due to the lack of a competent leader.
We are now itnessing the long term effects of liberal spending policy on the states on on the federal g'ment. People, it does not work. State by state will be going bankrupt, you already have heavy tax burdens on the people. G'ment is engaging in things it was never meant todo and its destroying this country as a result. Who is going to bail out the feds? Will we sell ourselves to china and become a Chinese province? Just look at the states and your own personal finances, you simply cannot borrow this kind of money and expect to survive. its simply not possible. Entitlements do not work, they create dependency and nothing else.
This is why I strongly feel if a conservative leader would just emerge he would gain overwhelming support and we canfix some of this mess fiscal liberals have gotten us into. We need to shrink g'ment, reduce spending across the baord by large amounts, reduce taxes on everyone across the board. that is the way out of this mess. give people and business there money back so the economy can grow. G'ment lacks the ability to manage the economy.
We are in a dangerous spot here people, CA is on the verge of bankrupcty, followed by other large blue liberal states. To all you liberals out there, this big g'ment, big spending and entitlement approach simply does not work, you have to be able to see this....you have to be able to see what is going on here. This kind of spending cannot be sustained. The states are on the verge of collapse and the federal g'ment will follow if we stay on this path of never ending spending and ever expanding g'ment. The burocracy has gotten to large to manage. Our system is falling apart right in front of you and many of you think the solution is the very thing that caused this crisis to begin with, SPENDING! I beg you as a citizen, as a former military vet and proud American, look what is happening to this country. As the great ronald Reagan once said, g'ment is not the solution to our problem, g'ment is the problem.



The thing about Reagan is that not only did he believe that, he did he best to make sure it was true.



It was true my misguided liberal freind. Reagan got elected twice asking one question: Are you better off than you were 4 year ago. He aked that question in 1980 and hte people said no, he asked again 4 years later after tax cuts, etc took effect and hte pople in one of the nations lrgest landslides said yes, we are better off under your direction. Reagan won states like New York, Mass, CA....states that are deep deep blue.

We cannot conintue spending, continue borrowing at htis level,both parties are drunk with irresponsible spending. It has become a fight of which party can pander and give away more money. That is a recipe for disaster.

With the lack of competent fiscal conservative opposition the last decade the country has bankrupted itself....and under Obama and th eDems that bankrupting is conitnuing at an accelerated rate. Both Bush and Obama beleive in bigger and bigge rg'ment based on there spending practices.

I just can't figure out why you liberals do not see this tax and spend, tax, borrow and spend, tax, borrow, print and spend does not work. The cookie jar your taking from is nearly empty...and when there are no more cookies to steal fro mthe people, this system collapses and the signs are all over the place. The people are begging for real leadership and thus far, no one isstepping up to the plate.............




Not exactly. By the actual polling dates, most recent first:

Resurgent Republic - D+6
Fox - D+12
Democracy Corps - D+8
CBS - D+11
Gallup - Even
Moore - D+8
YouGov - D+11
Ipsos - D+10
Rasmussen - D+6


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