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US: Obama Approval (CNN 1/22-24)

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CNN / Opinion Research Corporation
1/22-24/10; 1,009 adults, 3% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
(CNN release)


Obama Job Approval
49% Approve, 50% Disapprove (chart)

Looking back on Barack Obama's first year in office, do you think he accomplished more than you expected, about as much as you expected, or less than you expected?
12% More, 44% About as much, 44% Less

Do you think President Obama is doing a good job or a poor job keeping the important promises he made during the presidential campaign?
48% Good job, 52% Poor job

So far, would you say Barack Obama has had the right priorities, or that he hasn't paid enough attention to the country's most important problems?
45% Has the right priorities
55% Hasn't paid enough attention to most important problems

Do you think Barack Obama has paid more attention to the problems faced by middle class Americans or the problems faced by banks and other financial institutions?
28% Middle class Americans
60% Banks and other financial institutions



Ugly numbers. I don't see how getting "tough" rather than changing course helps you.


Field Marshal:

These numbers show why Obama has the approval he does even in staunch blue states like Delaware.


Mark in LA:

His base is really pissed that the US Gov. bailed out the banks, the banks are now turning huge profits, and they are right back where they were handing out huge bonuses and expecting the Fed Gov. to bail them out when their risky bets go bad next time. Time to break them down to more manageable sizes in my opinion. No bank should be "Too big to fail."



I am part of Obama's base and after thinking long and hard the bank bailouts were more than justifiable. History will prove, even though it was hard for progressives to swallow, that if we had not bailed out the banks and GM it could have led to an international great depression. I tend to think in long-range terms, not like the typical American that gets influenced by their friends, their church, and the spin coming from cable news. I agree that AIG could have gone down and should have gone down, and Obama was in transition at the time these decisions were made from the previous administration. If the Banks failed, our unemployment rate could be at 12 or 13 percent.

I can try to tell voters until they are blue in the face that the bailouts were started under Bush, and Obama probably saved our banks from serious failure, but I am not sure if it will work. Unfortunately they will learn the hard way and that the party of no got us into this mess. If the independents want to be that wishy washy and reward them with their votes in 2010, I am sure it will only make Obama look like a greater hero at a much higher maturity level. The American people will never learn, and I guess this logic of blaming one particular political party will likely continue for many years to come. Until we can return to honest politics, and honest campaigning making it so people will vote for the best candidate, not the one who happens to be to vote against the party in power.



I think the obvious knock is that BO failed to lead. You don't let Congress take the lead on anything as big as HCR. You give them something to start with and the process moves smoother.

The Dems couldn't let the banks go down. 401k's are not FDIC insured. People would have lost their life savings while the Dems were in power and they would have been toast for a generation.

GM on the other hand should have been allowed to reorganize under existing bankruptcy law. But the UAW members may not have come out as good that way.

I expect something of a bump for BO after tomorrow night. I won't guess how much or for how long. Certainly nothing earth shaking.



" think the obvious knock is that BO failed to lead. You don't let Congress take the lead on anything as big as HCR. You give them something to start with and the process moves smoother."

Big Mike,

Isn't that what Clinton did? He and Hillary failed much more miserably at HCR than Obama. It didn't even get out of committee. Obama got it passed through both chambers and was on the cusp of a compromise final bill before the special election happened and the Dems completely gave up. Why they've given up is beyond me...they were never supposed to have 60 votes in the first place, except they got lucky with Franken. If I were them I'd backtrack to the point they could get Snowe's vote. She supported it once.

I think the president writing the bill would mean that no one in congress would have had any personal investment in the bill, and thus they would have given up much earlier once public opinion started to sour. And it's guaranteed that any major domestic reform, other than tax cuts, will have unfavorable opinion regardless of party. The other side will pick it apart relentlessly. In these things the president proposes and congress disposes. Remember Bush failed at both Social Security and Immigration too, again not getting anywhere near Obama got.



"I expect something of a bump for BO after tomorrow night."

I doubt it. I, for one, am certainly not much in his corner anymore, especially since he's channeling John McCain with this spending freeze talk. That combined with his war policies and timidity on what should be easy issues (ie: don't ask don't tell) make me quite disinterested in what he has to say. In his first year, he's only been marginally better than Bush, and has little of Bush's intestinal fortitude.



I am not expecting a bounce after this speech. Last September he seemed convincing that magic was going to happen and don't ask don't tell would be repealed and we would have health care by the end of 2009. Again his promises were broken. Tonight, he needs to address the reasons his promises have been delayed. He needs to take swipes at his opponents and stop being a pussy, and fight for the people who are discriminated against in our armed forces because of sexual orientation, fight against the supreme court tyranny that is giving corporations an unlimited chance to sway the minds of weap people into believing misinformation and he has to fight for the increasing people who are uninsured this year and those who lost their insurance, and at least promise we will have some regulations and more affordable rates. This is what I campaigned for and this is what I am holding him too.



Bill Clinton and Hillary would have not nearly been as much to blame as Obama if nothing gets passed. They didn't even get to first base, and it never even got out of committee. We have gotten to third base or in the red zone of scoring a touchdown. Not passing health care after we got so close would be one of the greatest tragedys the world has ever known.


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