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Gallup Poll
8/31 - 9/2/08; 2,767 RV, 2%
Mode: Live Telephone Interviews

Obama 49, McCain 43

Rasmussen Reports
8/31 - 9/2/08; 3,000 LV, 2%
Mode: IVR

Obama 50, McCain 45



One foot off his 50% pedestal. The other will come off tomorrow. Sara Palin is going to "ROCK THE HOUSE" tonight!

Rush says that they better make sure the roof is secure and the rafters are reinforced. Also, that Obama is not half the man Palin is when considering accomplishments and toughness.



I understand this is off topic may not be very important to most of you but I thought some of you might be interested to know that the WP has just reported that US forces today have just invaded Pakistan.



come on marc, you have to take your medication ON TIME. how many times should you be reminded?



Well, if Rush said it ...

I'm not sure I can click "Post an intelligent comment." Oh, what the heck, it didn't stop MarcTX.

(a) Her name is Sarah, with an H.
(b) Is Rush (and are you) really cracking jokes about infrastructure in Minnesota?
(c) Those lame jokes about manhood are exactly why the GOP repeatedly does so poorly with women.



Really, marctx! OMG, what else did Rush say...



It looks like Palin has her own Reverend Wright scandal coming up, she has attended Jews for Jesus meetings as recently as a couple of weeks ago where the pastor insisted that terrorist bombings in Israel were part of God's judgement for the Jew's rejection of Jesus. Personally I don't think sitting in a meeting where the speaker says something moronic makes anyone in the audience responsible but this type of thing was clearly used against Obama.



I'm fairly open minded to admit that regular media outlets have a liberal skew to them but going to Rush Limbaugh as your primary news source and treating it as gold is hypocrisy.



Rush Limbaugh is a very unbiased and objective source of news.

In fantasyland.



What I find interesting is that Rassmussen has continued to bolster Republican vs. Democratic compositions over the last two months. In July they reduced the Democratic component from 41% to 39% keeping Republican composition steady. Then in these August polls they increased the Republican component by 2%.

This goes utterly against all the reports of massive Democratic registration increases vs. Republican across the country.



She may rock the GOP house as you say, but the rest of the country is wondering what in hell was McCain thinking when he picked her. It's hard to see Palin's roll-out as anything but a major train-wreck. Palin's far right views are just starting to be aired and they will turn off the vast majority of voters and bring about realignment in this country. The selection of Palin is going to seen as the worst political decision since George McGovern selected Thomas Eagleton.



@reverendmatt: I think jews are probably more concerned by well-known antisemite Jimmy Carter being behind Obama (not to talk about the Farrakhans of the world) then by crazy evangelicals.

Most jews are familiar with evangelical thinking (a-la left-behind) and know exactly why the evangelicals are supporting them, and would rather take that support.

Palin's problem with jews is going to come from her pro-life stance, since with the exception of ultraorthodox jews, most believe that life begins at birth, not conception.



Marktx is right, this election is all but over people. Obama lost a point from yesterday. If this trend continues for the next 60 days until the election, he'll be polling at -10 when the polls open. He might as well conceed right now.



Mark-- are you on pot --- you got be --seriously



I suspect that women admire Palin without necessarily voting for her.

There will be a big problem as her anti-abortion rights views are better known: she opposes abortion, even for rape and incest. That's much more radical than most women (and men) want to go.

She also belongs to a group (Feminists for Life) that opposes birth control for women, though I think not for men (condoms are OK). They oppose any method that might cause the evacuation of an egg that has been fertilized (many women's contraceptives).

Radical anti-abortion rights and anti-women's contraceptives are positions women care deeply about.



Given that Palin's religiosity is one of her biggest selling points with the R base, the sermon given in her church three weeks ago (which she attended, if the report is correct) is at least as relevant as the well-publicized Wright 9/11 sermon which Obama did not attend.

The guest speaker, a Jews for Jesus representative, stated that terrorism against Israel is evidence of God's judgment against Jews as unbelievers. His statement as I have read it was unequivocal (and of course, idiotic).

I have not seen confirmation that Palin's pastor has endorsed the sermon, only that the speaker is a long-time acquaintance and that her pastor had invited him to speak. I expect at least one Palin defender to say that she doesn't approve of the idea, but I'd like to hear that from her and her pastor.

Consider the following:

Wright did not in any way imply that the 9/11 victims "deserved it" (as various right-wing analysts would have us believe) or that the terrorists were justified in their actions, or that he approved of terrorism in any way, only that the US had historically supported and practiced violence that had helped trigger fundamentalist Muslim irrationality.

Wright explicitly stated that he was paraphrasing former US ambassador to Iraq (and deputy director of Reagan's terrorism task force) Edward Peck. "Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. And terrorism begets terrorism. A white ambassador said that y’all, not a black militant."

One can argue (I wouldn't) that Wright's analysis is incorrect (and, by extension, ambassador Peck's), and that his timing was poor, but compared to Palin's minister (whom she has not yet discussed, to my knowledge) Wright is a model of rationality.

I personally am disgusted by Wright's egotistical, showboating style and his propensity to channel Old Testament prophets. The speaker at Palin's church was probably far more subdued . He is also insane (and, I would argue, something of a terrorist agent provocateur himself--hey, God says it's OK!), and to whatever extent Sarah Palin agrees with his statements, she is insane too. I leave the psychoanalysis of God and the micro-interpretation of scripture to psychotics and the Republican base.

The following is a link to Roland Martin's article about the Wright speech. I recommend it. (though I don't know you can make it work without pasting it into the URL box (?))




Hey! I can post silly comments because I know no blogger is going to impact the presidential campaign.


I take that back. Isn't that were the media gets their Palin news?



honestly, i think the minor movement in the daily trackers is purely just a rounding thing.

Barack going from 50 to 49 today is probably not as dramatic as you think. He probably went from like 49.7 to 49.3 or something, but because of rounding, it looks like he dropped a point. We'll be able to gauge this better tomorrow.

Just a cautionary word -- small perturbations like this are probably just minor statistical blips.



sjt22 - I assume you are being sarcastic? Because - there's about as much chance of that happening as a viable energy plan flying out of McCain's a**.

Also, thanks for that info zotz - it is rather important to remember that we're still over there, and that the outside world still exists and is full of headline-worthy information.



The preggo daughter's boyfriend just did a photo-op with McCain. The campaign flew him in for the speech. Oh well, so much for "private family matter."



so obama ( the preze nominee) attending the hate spewing rev wright's church for 20 years
is the same as Palin( the Vice Preze nominee) attending a sermon from a guest preacher ?

er, yep, that's the ticket!

talk about fantasy land



Sorry for the redundant Jews for Jesus mention, revmatt. Roland Martin's article about Wright is still relevant, assuming that we're about to be inundated with more of the same Wright clips in the next 60 days.

And the URL I pasted for Martin's article turned blue all by itself, which a lot of states might do, the way things are going.

If, as Rush says Obama's "not half the man Palin is", are there more un-vetted secrets in her closet? Should Joe Lieberman "check her bearings" as he seems so happy to do for McCain?

And speaking of deceptive appearances, marctx gets my vote as the likeliest R to be a deep-cover D. I'd say the odds are maybe 25% that if anyone could read his mind, it would be saying "No new Texas".

Way off-topic (what a surprise, here, huh?), I think Fred Thompson should play Dick Cheney in the TV biopic. The sneer is perfect. It comes from being weaned on a cigar.




September 03, 2008

by Mark Murray

From NBC's Aram Roston

ANCHORAGE, AK -- A key witness in the Alaska State Senate Ethics investigation of Gov. Palin has backed out of testifying today, the state senator in charge of the investigation tells NBC News. The senator -- Democrat Hollis French -- says Frank Bailey's decision not to testify will slow down the "Troopergate" investigation into the current candidate.

The investigation centers on whether Gov. Palin abused her power when firing her commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan in July 2008. Monegan maintains he was fired, for not firing another man in his command -- Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten -- Gov. Palin's ex-brother in law who, years earlier, went through a messy divorce with her sister.

Frank Bailey, a member of Palin's administration, was caught on tape in August 2008 on a phone call with another trooper in which he questioned why Wooten was still on staff, seemingly speaking on behalf of Palin. The release of this tape proved embarrassing for Palin, who was forced to backtrack on her earlier statements, in which she had maintained neither she, nor her family, nor staff, ever pressured Monegan or anyone else to fire Wooten.

Bailey was put on paid leave from the administration following the release of that tape.

Since becoming the VP nominee, Palin has challenged jurisdiction of the ethics investigation. Bailey cites that jurisdictional uncertainty as his reason for not testifying.

State Sen. French says no one in the investigation, including Bailey and Gov. Palin, was subpoenaed to testify because all had previously agreed to cooperate voluntarily.



More garbage from Obamanation. How about stating some facts from real sources instead of radial leftist blogs.

1. Feminists for Life have NO position on pre-conception. Check out their FAQ.
2. Levi is soon to become part of the family. Either hide him out to be ravaged by the so-called investigative press or bring him in full view for the curious and obsessed.
3. This misrepresentation of Palin's religion is really dumb in the context of Obama's relgious "problems."
4. This idea that "women" do not know a candidate's position on abortion (especially if that is a priority issue for them) is just more elite sexism... aka Obamanation think women are stupid.

BTW: Rasmussen has specifically stated that the Democrat numbers have decreased (according to their extensive polling) but is still 6 points ahead of Republicans. NO conspiracy theory here.



It's funny that these retarded repubs think that "the media" created this "attack" on Palin. Too bad there are FACTS to back up ALL the stories. Maybe if you idiots didn't spend all your time spewing religious rants, you might learn something. Stupid chimps.


TR in VA:

PALIN has israeli Flag in her GOV off window

another Obama smear shot down
seems she is NOT anti smeite at all but LOVES isreal




Now this is embarrassing. It seems that John McCain's soulmate has also made his anti-earmark "pork list".

"Three times in recent years, McCain's catalogs of "objectionable" spending have included earmarks for this small Alaska town, requested by its mayor at the time -- Sarah Palin. "

Oops. But hey, it's not like Palin was the first Wasilla mayor to go after federal money, right?

"Wasilla had received few if any earmarks before Palin became mayor. She actively sought federal funds -- a campaign that began to pay off only after she hired a lobbyist with close ties to Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who long controlled federal spending as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He made funneling money to Alaska his hallmark. "

Yeah, she's quite the anti-pork, anti-lobbyist maverick. It's too bad the McCain campaign is now refusing to answer questions about the vetting process because it would be nice to know if they knew about this.





Maybe not that organization, but she most certainly is.

Creationism is dumb and Obama has no religious issues with his actual doctrine (he doesn't believe in creationism).

The more you use the word "Obamanation" proves more and more the Karl Rovian swift boating hack that you are.



TR in VA:

To even claim that the Obama campaign would do that is insane.




Small poll:

Who here has read and actually believes that the book Obamanation is true?



Hurricane Palin

McCain creates a disaster story for the news-starved press.

By Jack Shafer

Sept. 2, 2008

The news abhors a vacuum. Politicians, public-relations disinformers, media consultants, and other spin artists may think it's wise to suppress the elemental force that is the news. But when the news breaches the container it's been stuffed into, mayhem results.

Journalistic mayhem is a fine description for the last couple of days of Sarah Palin coverage. Starved to the point of collapse from the restricted-calorie diet served at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the press needed a news feast to restore its powers. With the Republicans' convention lite staring them in the face, the ravenous press corps decided to switch the menu from St. Paul to New Orleans. The evening news anchors—NBC, CBS, ABC—were all defecting to the Gulf Coast over the weekend. But then the press scented the lard-fried Snickers bar that was Palin. Now that Hurricane Gustav has fizzled, there is only one disaster story to cover, and she's it.

Would the press be tearing into the Palin story with the same passion had the Democratic Convention produced news beyond the Clinton-Obama pissing match? Or had the press not already put itself to sleep producing hundreds of stories speculating on who the veep nominees would be? Or had Gustav turned the Superdome into a giant soup bowl? I think not.

Thanks to McCain's miscue, everything the press touches about Palin turns into a scoop: her earmark flip-flops, her political inexperience, her Alaska Independence Party connection, her views on teaching "creationism," her book-banning phase, plus the "troopergate" scandal, her husband's ancient DUI, and her pregnant teenage daughter. And the press rampage has only just begun.

The press isn't retaliating for having been starved. Like an undammed river, it's merely returning to its original path. Palin and John McCain and the Republicans deserve every column inch, every broadcast second of scrutiny they're getting. I believe—unlike Barack Obama—that members of a candidate's family are fair game once a candidate thrusts them onto the public stage—as did Palin when McCain presented her as his pick for vice president in Dayton, Ohio, last Friday. The eagerness with which politicians deploy their children as campaign props stands as an open invitation to the press to write about them. And because kinfolk tend to exploit their familial connections to the executive branch (Donald Nixon, Billy Carter, Roger Clinton), the press will want to keep an eye on Palin's extended family, too.

The press is merely doing on short notice what the McCain campaign's vetting team should have done between March—when he clinched the nomination—and now: properly vetting his vice-presidential candidate. Does Palin have what it takes to serve as president? Do any Tom Eagleton- or Spiro Agnew-type skeletons lounge in her closet? Will Joe Biden eat her alive in their vice-presidential debate? Can she subordinate herself to McCain?

Like the Democrats, the Republicans created a news vacuum into which they hoped to insert a mock convention that would rubber-stamp the nominee's agenda and send happy vibes to the electorate. The Democrats got away with it in Denver, but luck has shone on the news beasts in St. Paul. Even if an asteroid were to blot out New Orleans today, a giant squid were to topple the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow, and fire ants were to kill every human on Fire Island by the end of Thursday, the biggest story of the week would still be McCain's cockeyed selection of Palin.

Thanks to McCain's goof, news will abound for the next three days. It won't be an open convention, but it will be more open than the Republicans ever anticipated. Reporters will push delegates to defend Palin's qualifications and the manner in which she was selected. The commentariat will fill the void with jaw music about Palin on every channel. Some Republican looking to make a name for himself (and earn a dagger in the back) may even call for Palin to step down before she's nominated. This is like a replay of George H.W. Bush's pick of Dan Quayle for vice president in 1988, only worse!

Until somebody in the press corps with the proper rank sends the McCain campaign a thank-you note for tapping Palin and restoring vitality to the coverage, this column will have to do. Thanks, y'all!



Hmmm... Reuters reports that Pakistan "Raid based on Bad Intelligence." http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN0325552720080903

"Suspected U.S. commandos blamed for killing 20 people in Pakistan were acting on faulty intelligence that was never shared with Pakistani forces inside the country, a Pakistani official said on Wednesday."

So much for Obama's stated strategy against terrorists in Pakistan. Apparently it comes with risks. Could have happened to Obama if Prez. Similar happened to Carter and Clinton, too.



I am so glad that Sarah Palin provided a big bump in the polls... for OBAMA.



The anti-semite, Palin, WILL make mccain lose Florida!!! Why do you think Biden is there right now?!?! HAHAHAHA!! Try and win the election, now, rethuglicans!!! Too funny!

ROTFLMAO @ the chimps.



I have not read "Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality": (I just like the newly introduced term "obamanation.") Only seen excerpts on the internet. Ironically, the guy who wrote it is trying to prove how liberal Obama is.



KipTin: I'm not saying they need to put the boyfriend in the witness protection program, but it's completely unnecessary to have him do a presser with McCain or even attend the RNC since he is NOT - as you correctly note - part of the Palin family.

It's absurd to attack the press for reporting a story that the Palins themselves broke, bemoaning this supposed invasion of privacy and then using the kids as stage props. What a ****show.



Kiptin that reuters report and you linking it to an Obama strategy is absurd and your trying too hard.

You're blaming Obama for a failed operation that Bush implemented???



This freak of nature is truly the gift that keeps on giving.....just a trail of disaster in her wake.....perhaps they should call her Hurricane Sarah...


Another Controversy for Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin is already facing ethical questions over her firing of the Alaska public safety commissioner, and now she faces questions over the firing of a longtime local police chief.

New reports raise questions about the firing of a local police chief.
After taking over as Mayor of the small town of Wasilla, Palin fired the longtime local police chief. The former police chief, Irl Stambaugh says he was fired because he stepped on the toes of Palin's campaign contributors, including bar owners and the National Rifle Association.

Stambaugh's lawyer, William Jermain, says the chief tried to move up the closing hours of local bars from 5 a.m. to two a.m. after a spurt of drunk driving accidents and arrests.

"His crackdown on that practice by the bars was not appreciated by her and that was one reason she terminated Irl," said Jermain.

In his 1997 lawsuit, Stambaugh also alleged that his stand on restricting concealed weapons upset the NRA.

Palin says she was up against entrenched insiders when she was elected mayor of Wasilla in 1996.

"We had a lot of people that were kind of dead wood," said Colleen Sullivan Leonard, a staff member in Palin's office. "We needed people with new energy and a new vision."

A federal judge later ruled the mayor, under city law, had the right to fire the police chief for any reason she wanted.

Palin is now facing similar allegations in the state capitol, that politics played a role in her firing of the Alaska public safety commissioner, Walter Monegan.

"It has every possibility of giving the Governor an ethical black eye in an area where she's touted herself as being particularly strong," said Alaskan State Senator Hollis French, a Democrat.

At issue is whether Palin fired the public safety commissioner because he refused to fire a state trooper who was the Governor's brother-in-law and going through an ugly divorce with the Governor's sister.

The Governor has denied any wrongdoing or involvement in the matter, but Senator French, who is leading the investigation has his doubts.

"The Governor first issued a blanket denial," said Sen. French, "and now she's had to back down and that's a problem."

Monday, Palin called for the Alaskan Personnel Board to conduct a formal investigation into Monegan's dismissal "to put these matters to rest".

"The idea that there had been no contact and no pressure doesn't stand up," said Sen. French. "Her credibility I think was damaged in that blanket denial."

The McCain campaign says it's clear that some insiders don't like the fact that Palin has been bucking the status quo to implement change.



So what Robi... birth control is a "personal" choice. What is your problem with that? It is what Roe vs. Wade is all about.

And as for creationism... Every hear of the "freedom of religion" clause in the U.S. Constitution? (And I do not believe in any Christian God.)

Why try and insult me? It is rude and stupid behavior.

FYI: I would have voted for Obama if he had not turned out to become "smaller the closer you look at him." I was for Hillary, but still open to Obama. He managed to destroy that option, then I became against Obama (anybody but) because he and a Democratic Congress headed by Pelosi and Reid are scary. (I used to support Pelosi at one time, too, until she went radical.) So now I am for McCain/Palin. I have never voted for a Republican for President in my life, but McCain is the very best choice.

So how Rovian am I again? Lots of people similar to me, and unlike Obamanation, my brain is not controlled by hype.



Hey moron, you can believe in creationism - just don't try and teach that BS in public schools. Got it? Good. Now, go make me my burger.



Palin appointed Monegan and she had authority to fire Monegan. Mayors have authority to fire Police Chiefs (almost everywhere). Nothing new or different.

Like I said earlier, French (a Democratic legislator) is an Obama supporter/spokesman and he needs to be VERY CAREFUL or it will backfire on him and the Dems.



Same old republican stupidity - we can fire anyone that doesn't believe what we believe. Hmmm, looks like it is going to HANG Palin. Get a clue, tard.



Breaking news: a bunch of McCain backers held a presser today accusing the Obama campaign and media of "sexist" treatment of Palin.

Of course, when they were asked to provide specific examples, they were unable to name one.

Not one!



Hey TR, Jews for Jesus doesn't hate Israel, they just don't think there should be any Jews there. They LOVE Israel--as a Christian nation. Maybe mass-conversion of Jews to Christians will make it onto the McCain/Palin platform. Surely it's worth some foreign aid, and might even get the small fraction of Iranians who support Ahmedinajad to shut up. Could we just convert them, too, while we're at it? How much would that cost?

It's been a few years since our last Crusade. Have we saved up enough for another one? Somebody pass the plate, please!

I have no idea what the Israeli flag in Palin's window means, particularly since she admittedly knows nothing about foreign policy and is extremely religious. Maybe she can talk about it while she's being vetted during the convention.

So is it mainstream Jews that are getting all those last-minute partial-birth abortions? Do they go to Florida for that?
Carter? Farrakhan? Let's see a list of everybody who supports one of the two major candidates and pick the scariest. Are you sure you speak for all Jews?




How Rovian? Very.

Let's do this 1 by 1:

"birth control is a "personal" choice. What is your problem with that? It is what Roe vs. Wade is all about."

No? Roe V Wade is about abortion rights and the fact that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body (in my opinion up to a part in the second trimester). Palin is against teaching people about contraception and that is why it is an issue. As we all know now (and so does grandma Palin) Abstinence only education does not reduce the risk of pregnancy when kids decide to do it anyway and it also doesn't prevent spreading STDs as Alaska has a really bad record of having apparently.

The first amendment of the constitution states that the government cannot establish a law promoting or preventing the practice of a religion. Creationism is a protestant (extreme side of protestant) belief and is able to be taught in churches and with the family, but not in public schools that are funded by the federal or state governments. That is why I don't like the fact that she is a creationist because she wants everyone to learn that doctrine and that goes against the first amendment when the government takes part in it.

I really think you are just a partisan hack and, from all your postings, you don't seem anything remotely like a democrat.

As I had said in earlier postings, I liked McCain in 2000, but he's lost it and I truly believe that Obama will turn this country around.



I hesistate to comment on this but I can not let it pass. As a Jew I find the nonsense about Jimmy Carter beingAnti-Semetic both silly and offensive.
Believe it or not Jews possess a wide number of different views on the Israel/Palestine situation and most are intellegent enough whether they agree with Carter or not to dismiss his views as Anti-semetic.
Second many Jews no matter how strongly they may see themselves as pro Israel resent the Chistian Zionists who seem to only want to preserve Israel so the Jews there can be thecannon fooder for the Armagedon.
The Hagee's and their ilk are not friends of Israeli's, Jews or any people who have their head on straight. If Palin is one of or supports these kind of people and becomes Vic-President. God help us all.



What an embarrassment.

This year, we witnessed history. A woman ran for president and received 18 million votes from a citizenry that made clear it is indeed ready to consider serious women candidates seriously.

And you, Governor Palin, are making a mockery of that message.

As has been noted by many -- from activists to members of Congress -- you, Governor Palin, are no Hillary Clinton.

But, worse than that, you are a disgrace to the culmination of 200 years of women's struggle that Hillary Clinton represents.

You did not work at the Children's Defense Fund, fighting to secure rights for children.

Instead, you used your line-item veto to strike funding for programs that assist teenage mothers.

You did not revamp the education system of an entire state -- though you are governor of a state in which the illiteracy rate is astronomically high.

Instead, your claim to reformer fame is your activities at the PTA.

You have not traveled overseas to speak in dozens of countries about the rights of women.

You did not stand on a stage among half a dozen men and make the case to the America people for why you are qualified to lead this nation.

You did not receive 18 million votes of confidence. In fact, you were nearly recalled as mayor of your tiny Alaskan town.

You have not stood up for reproductive freedom or even reproductive education.

Instead, you have championed ignorance.

And the proof of your failure lives under your very own roof.

You have agreed to accept a nomination for which you are wholly, indisputably unqualified. And in so doing, you have allowed yourself to become the punchline to a very bad joke.

Except that this isn't a joke, Governor Palin. This is our country's future. And while we have certainly found amusement in the disaster that appears to have been your "vetting process," it's really not funny.

The American people continue to learn new and alarming facts about you, but you already knew these facts when you accepted this position:

• You already knew that you were under investigation for ethical violations.

• You already knew that you turned your town's budget surplus into a deficit before you moved on.

• You already knew of your close involvement with indicted Senator Ted Stevens.

• You already knew the carwash business of which you and your husband were part owners was shut down by the government for failure to comply with regulations.

• You already knew that your husband was a member of a radical political party that advocates secession from the United States.

• You already knew that your teenage daughter was pregnant.

And you damn well know, Governor Palin, that as governor, you have not made any decisions whatsoever regarding the overseas deployment and activities of the Alaska National Guard.

And you damn well know, Governor Palin, that despite your geographical proximity to Russia, you have never been involved in foreign relations with Russia.

You know that, Governor Palin.

And you damn well know that despite your cynical attempt to link your name to the success of Hillary Clinton, you also said that you would not vote for her.

The fight for women's equality is a long and continuous struggle. And you, Governor Palin, are clearly on the wrong side of history. While we fight to prove that we deserve to be taken seriously, your willingness to be on this presidential ticket at this time makes a mockery of that struggle.

And now, although you chastised Hillary Clinton for "whining" about unfair and sexist treatment by the media, because Senator McCain's campaign -- your campaign -- cannot answer the myriad legitimate questions surrounding your vetting process and qualifications, it has instead accused the media, the Democrats, and Obama's campaign of sexism.

And you damn well know, Governor Palin, that just isn't true.

Your own party adamantly opposes affirmative action, and yet, tonight you will stand on a stage and accept the nomination for vice president of your party, a nomination for which you are unprepared and unqualified and which you did not earn and do not deserve.

This is not why Hillary Clinton ran for president, and it is certainly not why 18 million of us voted for her. We were not drawn to her because she won a beauty pageant; we were drawn to her because we believed that decades of work and service and education gave her the wisdom and experience to be able to lead our country out of its current darkness.

That, Governor Palin, was why we stood with Hillary Clinton.

Your candidacy makes a mockery of Hillary Clinton's campaign. It makes a mockery of those who supported her. It makes a mockery of decades and centuries of women who were beaten and jailed, who fought with all their might for a day when there would be no more glass ceilings.

You, Governor Palin, are not a continuation of that legacy. You are an insult to that legacy.

Shame on you, Governor Palin. Shame on you.



haha KipTin,

Either you've been well persuaded by the conservative talking points, or you aren't really a Clinton-supporting Democrat, because saying Pelosi "went radical" is ludicrous. In fact, ever since she became speaker she has spent more time tacking to the center rather than pushing progressive policies. FISA? Pelosi caved. Bush impeachment? Pelosi said no way. Offshore drilling? Pelosi said she is now open to the idea.

Please explain Pelosi's more "radical" moves that you state? Or are you just trying to make up an excuse to pretend that you once supported Clinton but now don't. Either you're buying into the conservative "liberal smearing" or you aren't really a Democrat after all. Seriously.



Oh and not just the hype but challenge me on any ISSUE and I'll be happy to respond.

I do my research unlike some people who don't know what the first amendment or Roe V Wade is.



I’ve voted a straight Republican ticket every year of my life since 1975, when I first came of voting age, but I was stunned and horrified by McCain’s choice of Palin. I simply cannot even consider voting for McCain after this choice, which speaks loudly of his own selfishness and fundamental frivolousness.

So I was shocked when I turned to the conservative blogs looking for others who shared my dismay and found a celebration going on. They really honestly believe that Palin’s "inexperience" and Obama’s "inexperience" are equivalent. I have had no luck at all in the past 24 hours trying to explain that Obama is quite obviously an impressive man (with whom I disagree on almost every major issue) with extraordinary qualities of organization, discipline and leadership. I see nothing in Palin’s record to suggest that she has any such qualities.

He is a man who has spent his adult life thinking serious thoughts about serious issues and having serious conversations about them with other serious, well-informed people; while Palin quite as clearly has done none of those things. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review; she was the point guard on her high school basketball team. She went to the University of Idaho for her undergraduate (and only) degree in journalism (!), while he excelled at Columbia and then Harvard. He taught Constitutional Law at the prestigious University of Chicago Law School, and she was Miss Alaska. He has passed all sorts of legislation in the Illinois legislature and the Senate the last 10 years. She occupied herself as governor for the past 1.5 years by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from a state trooper position and is currently under investigation because of it. While Obama has inspired and mobilized millions of people here and around the world, she is the governor of a state with less than 700,000 people (about the same number as Fort Worth, Texas) who has no foreign policy experience and is on a ticket with a man who expiration date is coming up fast.

Obama has surrounded himself in his campaign with world-class people (with whom, again, I disagree on almost every issue); and though I am doubtless an elitist and snob for saying so, I doubt that she has even met a half-dozen world-class people in her lifetime.

While Obama might do a hundred things as President that I believe are bad for the country, I am confident that he would surround himself with experienced, informed, competent advisors and that he would make no world-destroying blunders. I cannot say the same about Palin and, in view of what this choice reveals about McCain’s character and judgment, I cannot say the same of him either.

The Palin pick says much more about McCain than it does about Palin (all it says about her is that she didn't have the good sense to turn it down). What it says about McCain is that he is more interested in politics than policy, more interested in campaigning than governing, tactical when he should be strategic, and reckless when he should be considered.

He is as big a gamble as president as Palin is as vice-president. This decision was about gut, about politics, about cynicism, and about vanity. It's Bushism metastasized.




That sounded a lot like Keith Olbermann.

If you post more civil and credible comments from now on, people will take you more seriously I think.




Brutus, I'm afraid to say you really have lost credibility with me. I saw that post earlier and, besides your other ludicrous postings, you have just been hurting the democratic arguments.

Please either start being a real human being or stop posting. This is getting insane.




Feminists for Life pinpoint conception as the beginning of life and define as abortion any termination of a fertilized egg. They oppose several forms birth control. Read their crazy magazine and the stories of the women "damaged" by birth control.

Their agenda is a radical one. Their literature decries the "harm" done through abortion to a 12-year-old girl impregnated by her brother and his friend. They oppose abortion for rape and incest. This is Palin's explicit position.



Latest Polls guys:

Obama +2 in Ohio
Obama +12 in Minnesota
Obama +15 in Iowa

Isn't IOWA a red state? lol.




Whoa. Ohio is really close...



i like the questions that lead the time/cnn poll:

do you support endless war or do you support Obama?

paraphrased, but close

"Isn't IOWA a red state? lol. "

another literate obama fan



More lies from Tyno. Time didn't ask that, you illiterate fool.



Repubs caught on tape being HONEST!!!!





I get attacked for analyzing a poll? ouch~



Not to worry kerch. The retardlicans are finally smelling that burning odor and have now realized it is they who are going up in smoke........

Hilarious if you ask me.

They have now lost Minnesota and Iowa based on the polls. They will likely lose Florida after the anti-semitic rantings of her pastor are shown all over the TV. Ohio is Obama's as well. The only question that remains is: how many senate seats will they pick up? Will they have 60 or 65? Scary thought for the repubs - a veto proof majority in the senate and a huge majority in the House.

Palin has to be better than Obama tonight if they want to have even a 1% chance of winning this year. Likelihood of that happening: slim to none. And slim just left town.



I didn't think I could lose even more respect for the repubs but by claiming all the critics and questions of Governor Palin are sexist but then refusing to name anyone specifically they have reduced themselves to what they've always accused the dems of doing, not to mention they Affirmative Action pick of Palin. Is it sexist to say she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it? That she secured millions in those evil earmarks for her own town and hired a lobbyist to do so? That she has hired a lawyer for the ethics investigation and got one of her staffers to refuse to testify? Notice how I didnt mention her being a mother or talk about her daughter.


DJ from CA:

people people people !! lets be honest, take a good look at the racial make-up of both conventions, can ANYONE see the huge difference ? unfortunately some people act as if race doesn’t matter. this country has been ran buy a certain race of people sense the brutal take-over of its native inhabitants. its very sad to know that people can be so blind to the fact that one group represents POWER, CONTROL and GREED while the other group is truly pushing for change in all aspects of american society to create a true and fair melting pot (which is a great example for the rest of the world). it's disgusting to hear Mc Cain supporters say "i just turned on the tv and found out who his vp choice is, i never heard of her but she’s a great choice." that’s just PALIN (lol) ignorant !! Obama has been drug through the mud again and again and yet AGAIN which is nothing new to a person of color in america. hopefully we can break through the ignorance of our racially motivated decisions and think about a real United People of America.



This too reminds me of the Iraq war. Even though the warning signs are now blaring red and flashing, even though we face a meltdown if Palin is nominated, and the destruction of her family, and a horrifying tabloid car crash, the GOP leadership cannot apparently acknowledge an error and back down before it's too late. They are clearly trying to decide if it's worse if McCain acknowledges his fantastic mistake or if it's better just to carry on and pretend nothing is really happening - or going to happen.

I knew today's Republicans were masters of the art of denial, but this is getting ridiculous.



Lol @ Noonan and Murphy getting caught on tape. Way to stay on message.

No need for the Obama crowd to say anything more about Palin. Just sit back and let the snakes eat their young.



No doubt BOC-

Palin just hung herself last night. What a tool. Mayor of a "high school" and governor for 1.5 years of a town like Memphis, Tennessee. Yeah, you're qualified to run for VP. What a joke.

We had a drinking game - a shot for every lie. Needless to say, most of the crowd was drunk before the halfway point of Paylin's speech.

I can't wait for the media to eat that lying sack of garbage for lunch. Let's start with that infamous "bridge to nowhere" shall we..........


Florida Voter:

Let's see so far the Repubs promised to drill, drill, drill, go to war with Iran, Russia and to hate Obama and the Democrats forever. This Country First BS is laughable at best. How bout trying American People First. So far I have heard nothing on how a McCain Presidency will change my life for the better. 8 horrid years is long enough for any part to be in power.


Pete Bobb:

A question for Republicans who love Palin:

If, God Forbid, John McCain should die of old age before the November elections, would you elevate Palin to be the Republican Presidential candidate, and allow her to pick her own VP running mate? If no, do you feel she belongs a '72-year-olds Heartbeat Away' from the United States Presidency?



Check out Gallup's Daily Tracking poll for September 4, 2008:

Obama - 49%
McCain - 42%

The Republican National Convention is actually bringing McCain's numbers DOWN.

I guess the American people really don't want the religious right using taxpayer money and the government to inflict their dogmas on other people. The American people might actually be looking for solutions to their problems, then empty insults meant to fire up the base.

Looks like the "base" is fired up, but moderates are running for the door.



I just did a little research on what being a citizen in Alaska means. It means that you get a $2K oil dividend check every year. In addition you will $1200 energy payment in 2008. It also means that 80% of the healthcare is covered by the state or employers. As a citizen you pay no state income or sales taxes. I may be a little off base here but isn't that real close to socialism. So while Palin warns us of the dangers of creeping socialism she running her own little Socialist Republic up there. I thought that was pretty interesting.


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